Zcash Pool- Zcash.flypool.org


I am the developer of two of the largest Ethereum mining pools (ethpool.org & ethermine.org) and would like to introduce our new Zcash mining pool at zcash.flypool.org.

The pool is currently connected to the latest Zcash testnet (RC 2) and has successfully mined its first blocks. Our stratum implementation is fully compatible with the existing miners (standalone miner & nicehash miner) and comes with vardiff enabled.

At launch date we plan to offer at least three mining nodes (US, EU and China) and will feature a 0% fee during the first week. There is no registration required as you simply use your Zcash address as username when connecting to the pool.

Till the launch we will continue to further improve the pool and add some missing features (luck calculation, mining income estimator). Payments will be enabled either today or tomorrow.

To join the pool simply point your miners to one of the following stratum servers:

Europe: eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333
US: us1-zcash.flypool.org:3333
China cn1-zcash.flypool.org:3333

Use your Zcash address as username. You can assign a worker name by appending it with a dot to your address. We support mining to transparent as well as protected addresses.

Full example:

./nheqminer -l eu1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u tmUj1yAM1dr1Q2p4WHPivreSHuSdC3sc7V3.rig1
./nheqminer -l us1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -u ztbqWB8VDjVER7uLKb4oHp2v54v2a1jKd9o4FY7mdgQ3gDfG8MiZLvdQga8JK3t58yjXGjQHzMzkGUxSguSs6ZzqpgTNiZG.rig1


Please let us know if you have any issues or improvement suggestions!


Can you verify your ownership of the other pools ?

I was an early supporter back in the initial mining of Ethereum and would be glad to mine with you again.



Address: 0xEA674fdDe714fd979de3EdF0F56AA9716B898ec8
Message: “I am the owner of ethermine.org
Signature: 0x1334eb755402e5a378a8063441e1712639e3d4597186c02eb7e2cb33aa81c0d23f9ea0f987a283f47033e3ed52bf6d710c91de3a27e3d399bc56c94fc0f0a0d600

The address above is the coinbase address of the ethermine.org pool. You can use https://etherchain.org/verify/signature to verify the signature. Make sure to paste the message without the quotes!


how do you create a address on windows platform?

For now, you can’t create an address on a windows platform.

cheers. been reading around for hours.

us2 for the West Coast please. So much hashing power is out west.

Do you support other miners like tromp or str4d?

I think yes, it supports.

@peter_zcash: please make sure that your pool is compatible with NiceHash. People are trying to create orders in our system and point rented hashing power towards your pool. What I suggest you is to create an order on nicehash.com (you have to register an account) and point it to your pool (make sure to select equihash algorithm). You should bid high enough so that you’ll get some hashing power and see on your pool if the connection and mining is stable (at least for 24 hours). You should also make sure that your diff or vardiff is high enough since massive hashing power can be redirected towards your pool from NiceHash hashing power buyers.



cascadiacrypto Yes, we plan to add an US west coast server as well as a server based in asia, but only after the launch

@Geomancer Yes, we support all miners that implement the official stratum protocol

@kenshirothefist Thanks for your reminder, did you receive any reports that the connection is not working properly? Does your service require any modifications to the official stratum protocol?

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@peter_zcash will i need to switch the miners on the 28th or will they automatically start mining on the real chain?

No action will be required from your side. The switch will take place automatically on the pool backend. Also all server URLs are already final.

EDIT: This was obviously a wrong assumption from out side. Please check the announcement on the main page of the pool.

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Cannot build your nheqminer fork :confused: : (original nheqminer is building fine for me)

/usr/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:244: recipe for target ‘nheqminer’ failed
make: *** [nheqminer] Error 1

tried str4d miner but it’s so slow. Or i do something wrong. It nearly makes 0.03 H/s on 1 core and 2 gigs on ram.

Nice! I’ve been mining on ethpool for almost a year now and I really like your service.

Can you provide instructions for connecting with the official RC2 miner?

Will this work?

./src/zcash-miner -stratum=stratum+tcp://us1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -user=address.rig1 -equihashsolver=tromp

I’m mining from an AWS EC2 instance with zcashd, I’ve two questions:

  1. I use this launch command, is it correct?

~/zcash/./src/zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp://us1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -user=taddress.rig1

  1. Since I see no H/s at all, which TCP / UDP configuration Inbound/oubound I have to set in order to correctly communicate to the Pool ?

Thank you !

Currently I would advice against using the standalone miner for pool mining as its stratum implementation is still very buggy. It is unable to properly reconnect to the pool and seems to get stuck after some time, see https://github.com/str4d/zcash/issues/12 for more information.

How about eXTremals Open Source GPU miner? will you be posting instructions on how to connect with it? ive been trying but no success so far.

and love ethermine.org so im very happy to see you have created a ZCash pool


eXTremals Open Source GPU miner decided to implement a proprietary protocol for pool communication and not the official stratum protocol. Therefore it is not compatible with the pool right now. We will look into implementing this protocol but if a GPU miner with a working stratum implementation is released before the launch, we will most likely not support the eXTremals GPU miner.

ok thanks for the info, great pools you have

PLEASE make the ANDROID POOL MONITOR for your ZCash flypool… it is so handy!!!

your awesome, thanks again and again!!!