Engineering Roadmap 2020

This link doesn’t have anything to do with dev funding, but I thought the protocol category was the best spot for it.

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Here’s what to expect from ZF in the coming year:

  • A newly redesigned Zebra, with complete chain state tracking/validation by April 2020 (NU3 activation) and full wallet support coming soon after
  • Foundation-run infrastructure and development support for light wallets
  • Cross-chain integrations for Zcash
  • Hardware wallet support for shielded addresses
  • A simplified threshold scheme for multisignature spends of shielded funds
  • Research and development toward greater network-level privacy for Zcash
  • General ecosystem improvements

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So happy to finally have an official statement about hw wallet support for shielded transactions!!
Let’s hope that this is coming in the near future and not at the end of 2020!!

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This is great @sonya! Is this a commitment for Ledger support? Are you in touch and working with the Ledger team?


Haven’t read the whole post but I’m really happy to see roadmap from Zfnd :smiley: :smiley:


I checked with @gtank and we’re 1) currently working on Ledger support, 2) don’t have many more details since the project just started.



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No promises on when, but the team is workin’ on it :slight_smile:

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Perhaps I’m alone here but I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed after reading it.

Parity-Zcash client is already syncing the Zcash blockchain and while I do hear the reason to (kind of) start from scratch, I can’t help to think that the Parity client was built for (sort of) nothing. All these months of development and money spent to finally decide it’s not good enough because it carries the Bitcoin baggage?

That said, I wholeheartedly support the Foundation engineers on their new endeavor :slight_smile:


This are only the ZF projects. There are also additional projects being worked on by ECC too correct?

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Yep, check out today’s ECC livestream:

@anon16456014 the best way to look at it is that Parity-Zcash was a proof of concept, and the options were to improve the existing code or to rewrite. ZF’s team decided that rewrite would result in a better product in the end without inflating the timeline too much (since improving Parity-Zcash would have also required lots of eng time).

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the scientists and mathematicians gave so much to this project! they all are gifted in their fields. now its time for the business and marketing people to step up and take the ball and push it over the goal line. I’m optimistic for the spread and ultimate success of Z Cash.:smiley: