Equihash Mining in FPGA

I recently heard something about equihash mining in FPGA. There are lot of developers working on programming FPGAs to mine various coins but this is a latest development. If it is true, then will it compete ASIC dominance?

I read it here: https://www.fpgadeck.com/2018/08/high-profitability-equihash-bitstream.html

whitefire is well know and might actually work on equihash.

The main issue with serious FPGA is finding the board to mine. I’ve wrote to many companys and they all informed me that to order these boards the minimun order should be 1’000’000$. Not so accessable.
They do send single units for students and I guess whoever is capable grabbing these cards for mining is a student or has connections.

whitefire in anycase usually mines months personally before sharing his code with his community, so if ever an equihash bitstream is made, we will be the last to have it.

Here is an interesting site that show FPGA hashrates on the different algos, prices, whatever.


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Hi Manoj, I am ex. director of a company that has spent a great deal of time developing the (working) program for these cards. We have impressive stats which will be posted within 3 weeks (waiting for our patent). We’ll be offering all inclusive rigs w/xilinx cards as well as other models with our exclusive branding of FPGA cards. We’re located in Canada. I’ll keep everyone posted here with links to our upcoming press release. Thanks. @incomesTheMadness

I can attest to the fact that it works on equihash. Sharing is caring however it would destroy months of potential return on the $ spent to develop this code. I’ll keep you posted. @incomesTheMadness

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Yeah I understand bro. But fake reports like these [ Fake ETH Miner FPGA ], spoils the credibility in FPGA. So, no one will ask anything for free. But revealing the actual hashrate will do no harm, wouldn’t you agree?

If you notice my user name I am not bro but rather "sista :slight_smile: . Yes I agree… and it will be done 100%. There are numerous companies bidding for licencing with us and I will be posting within a couple of weeks either way. As an aside, I wasn’t trying to sell anything so why would I bother informing you about our developments?

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My bad “sista” :slight_smile: No offense, lot of ppl are just speculating or tempting members with values that has absolutely no proof. That’s why I asked about details. If you okay, please share more with the community.

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