Equihash/Nvidia/Memory Clock

Quick question for the gurus here.

I have three rigs running 7x1070s and 4x1080s between them. My average hashrate runs right around 5000 Sols/s during a 6 hour period according to nanopool. Using latest EWBF.

All my GPUs have the Memory Clock set to 0 (Afterburner). Core clock is adjusted per what the card seems to like and be stable ± 150 ish. Power limit 70, temp 70.

The question is I frequently see folks with the Memory Clock set really, REALLY high!

Am I missing out on something fundamental that I should be kicking myself in the ass for?


There are those that say adjusting the memory clock gets you nothing, there are those that say it adds additional H/s.

For me I can tell you that does add H/s BUT to high I see diminishing returns

Look at your base on the 1080’s bump it up to eh 150, see what happens. wait 5 minutes compare. go higher go lower. The worst that happens is your rig becomes unstable and reboots and goes back to your default saved settings

Many people gets confused by core clock and gpu memory while core clock will help with performance for gaming. It does nothing for mining but gpu mem will definitely increase your hashing hability. Gtx 750ti gpu mem at 0. Makes 74 h/s. Gtx 750ti gpu mem at 200. Maked 84h/s imagine what a 1080 would do. :wink:

Edit: yeah that was messy.

GPU clock and core clock are the same thing…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank you CitricAcid! Good, solid, sound advice. I appreciate it and will give it a try.