GTX 1080 Zcash Miner

Which miner gives the best results? Using EWBF’s miner I get 580 sols/s with 1000 added to memory and 100 added to core. Are there any other miners that work well?

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I have to same overclocks but I get around 600

What pstate is your gpu in?

0 It is the only one in the rig

How’d you get it in P0

It should already be in p0 no? I used nicehash before and set it to p0 from there.

By default Nvidia Pascal cards go into P2. At least on Windows. Not sure how it is on Linux.
Memory clocks in that state are actually -200 when set to the GPU.

i.e. you may set and see 400 in the OC tool but the GPU would downclock -200 effective when in P2.

If on Windows, open GPUZ and check it out.
On Linuix - nvidia-smi -q

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I go with EWBF 3.3
Also tried the Excavator but I dont see any difference in sols for me.

Nope, I opened the nicehash folder and ran the “nvidiasetupp0state” and it crashes almost immediately.

Hmmm that’s odd. What 1080 do you have? I have the MSI overclock. That may be the reason why you might be getting a lower hash rate

I have an EVGA 1080 FTW 2 the clocks are great; just fixed the P0 state! Will restart and get back with results. Currently at a low of 565 Sols/s :frowning:

How did you fix the p0 state?

P2 state technically should not be much of an issue for ZCash /Equihash.
It downclocks the memory. Plus you can always have the "200 " into account when you overclock.
say you want +400…do +600 in the OC App…etc.
The core clock you can manage easily.

Actually memory seems to make a significant difference with zcash; it’s weird. Without the memory overclock I get 520 sols/s, with +1000 overclock I get 580 Sols/s

I did by turning off “Force P2 State” in Nvidia Profile Inspector

Just found that claymore stated an eth + zcash miner would not work because zcash utilizes both core and memory