Error "activating best chain"

On one computer but not the other I get the error message “activating best chain” for a minute or so after startup when trying to do other functions. What does that mean? Why on 1 PC and not the other?

I am getting this message too…How to fix this?
I just started mining today (beta) and now stuck …

“If it is still stuck trying to find the chain, go ahead and run a ./src/zcash-cli stop to stop it (or kill the PID with system monitor) and restart it with ./src/zcashd -reindex”

that worked :slight_smile:

It worked until another server start…then all over again and again :expressionless:

Same Problem, after upgrading to rc4. First run worked. After it got stuck without any cpu usage. Maybe I need to clean something?

./src/zcashd -reindex

Removing and reindexing solved it

rm -rf ~/.zcash/testnet3
./src/zcashd -reindex