Error: Node module: called 'Result::unwrap()'

Has anyone seen this error? Not sure where my keys are, or which one is which…

Assuming this is the current ver 1.2 then you could try either of those options with no ill-effect, changing servers is more of a latency/regional thing I think and the seed phrase which you should have backed up IS (for all intents and purposes) your key so reentering it should restore your wallet

Thanks atf

I have so many keys in so many places so I am trying to avoid that, for now

Maybe I can roll back to an older version?

Probably not, should definitely be the most current version, the servers are running the instances of zcashd and the lite client basically just talks to them so you wanna be current
Theres an installable version and a .exe file version
The .exe (zip) version will use your existing wallet files so just unzipping and running the newest program is pretty much the easiest way
The installation (.msi) may overwrite them and make new ones, it shouldn’t but Im not sure, you might backup and move that wallet info and try the other version but Idk, I always use the zip versions and always run as admin

Hmm… Same issue… I’ll try some keys. Bank will be open in the morning… Thanks for the pro-tips. Didn’t know that about .exe (zip) vs .msi

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