Wallet Issues

My full node windows 9.14 gave me the following message

when attempting to open debug I receive a message it is too large to open in notepad.

after dealing with continual issues of a full node I see no reason to keep attempting its usage and downloaded the light client

when attempting to import private keys I received the following message:

“Bad Key”

“The input key was not recognized as either a sapling spending key or a sapling viewing key”

I have no interest in using either of these wallets in the future. I just want to get my funds off this wallet onto one that works as soon as possible. What is the best way for me to do this please and thanks.

Hi @User32

ZecWallet fullnode had a bug from Zcashd that I believe has been fixed in the latest build, you should update to 9.15 https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/zecwallet/releases

ZecWallet lite does not support importing private keys for T-addresses. If you want to use ZecWallet lite instead of fullnode (which I recommend since it’s much easier to use) then you will need to send the funds to it from the fullnode.

So: 1. Update fullnode and fully sync 2. Get new address in ZecWallet lite 3. Send funds to ZecWallet lite.


The debug log would be helpful. You can try downloading another text editor that may be able to open larger files or compress the file and send/post it for someone to review. I just opened a 950MB text file without issue, so I wonder how large your log file has become!

#2 - verify zcashd.exe actually exists. I have had a similar problem when an antivirus software deleted the zcashd.exe file. This could be a part of Microsoft’s SmartScreen Reputation - not trusting a relatively new file on the internet.

  1. 0.9.15 was released with an updated zcashd.exe. Installing this version may restore a deleted file or work for you.

  2. ZecWallet Lite appears to only support importing private keys for shielded addresses. I’ve generated a sample private keys for an example:

Does your public address start with zs1 or zc and does the private key look like the following:

#Private Key for Sapling Address: zs1wscnxjwfxyd9fhs0ge9evxxpz92wa2zm46f7773l65d04vy6pje7scnk3zcxtyw43vkdcwtxyuh

If you have transparent private keys, the address will start with z1 and will have private keys like below (starts with L or K).

#Private Key for Transparent Address:  t1J9j1xQf4sH4rtCuRNxrVCvau4fWkJnxyf
#Private Key for Transparent Address: t1SZHo8t3ogPDqdzm1Z9ptMPdgHbS19S9Xe

If you have transparent private keys, you can sweep them into another wallet that supports transparent addresses. I personally have used Coinomi. You can find more options at https://z.cash/wallets/.