Error opening block database

Hello, I tried to start my zec node but I get this error message

What should I do :thinking:

Do you still get the issue when you restart the node, like:
zcashd -reindex


I use -reindex / -rescan but it’s still not work.

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Typically use one or the other (unless thats what you mean)

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Type: zcashd -reindex


This could be another issue from your zcash.conf. If you still get the error after running:

zcashd -reindex

It might be worth just removing the chain and downloading a fresh one.

rm -rf ~/.zcash/chainstate/
rm -rf ~/.zcash/blocks/

Then start zcash normally via ./zcashd

:warning: This does completely force your node to download all the blocks from 0. I don’t know resource or Internets constrains for everyone but have done this on several full nodes myself. If you still run into issues please ping us.