Zcashd loading blocks from 0 every time I stop it

When I stop zcashd, for example to reboot my ubuntu xenial, next time I fire it it starts loading blocks from 0. Or maybe it is checking the existing blocks, but it is so slow that it doesn't seem so. Is there any fix for that? I stop the client with zcash-cli stop.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: zcashd 1.0.9

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Can you post your command line you start Zcashd with?

You can start with ./src/zcashd normally

If you want to start from block 0 use the reindex argument: ./src/zcashd -reindex

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Also check that you don't have reindex=1 in your zcash.conf file - that would cause your node to reindex on every start, regardless of what command-line flags you are using.


You were right. I don't know when or why I had set reindex in my bash file. Thanks a lot!