Error when send large amount: tx unpaid action limit exceeded

Hi, I’m using ywallet.
I sent Zec success with small amount (
But I try to send with large amount (100, 200… zec) => it’s not work for me.
Error thr:
tx unpaid action limit exceeded
Can someone help me, thank you so much!

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The reason is because of 317 and the current need to calculate your own fees. For every input or note spent from and output sent to, you need to compound an extra 0.00005 on top of the base 0.0001. The exclusion function in the notes tab in Ywallet makes calculating the number of inputs pretty easy (usually compensate for extra 1 or 2 just to be safe).
The option to change the transaction fee is in the settings. Simply calculate the fee and then change it to that before executing the transaction.
The actual grand total amount of the transaction doesn’t matter what matters is the amount of notes that get spent and created in the transaction. If all of the amount were contained in one note, then it would only require a small fee.

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How to send from the ywallet app with the fee info like you said ?

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You need to activate “Advanced” mode.