Need help recovering funds 😭 zecwallet lite

Hey guys, thanks for any help in advance!
Basically I had an old Zecwallet Lite with funds in shielded and transparent. I was getting Error: SendResponse { error_code: -26, error_message: “66: tx unpaid action limit exceeded” } (previously discussed here), so I tried to restore with my seed on Ywallet.

I got access to my shielded addresses then on Ywallet, but not my transparent.
I then used the cli version of Zecwallet Lite to extract the private keys of the transparent addresses, then tried to import 1 into Ywallet like this, but when I get to the final stage of sending a tx from the transparent address, the Ywallet app just immediately closes (on Ubuntu)

The only other place I can think of where I can import a transparent key address is a full node, so I started syncing one, but it’s stuck around 80% as reported by the node, and increasing at a far slower rate of like 1 block per second.

Are there any other wallets I can try? Does it sound like I’m doing something wrong with the node?


Check the balance of your transparent address in a block explorer. Also, turn off “Play Sounds” in the settings if you are on Ubuntu.

I have just tested with my own private key. It should work.


There are no new txs coming from my address according to explorers, also turning off “Play Sounds” in the settings (you mean the ywallet settings right?) didn’t help unfortunately.
If it works for you, what OS? Maybe I’ll have to get a Windows VM
But are there really no other wallets that I can import a private key in to? I don’t understand how the wallet support for a project this old can be like this :confused:

Your original issue with unpaid action limit exceeded is not a wallet error; it is consensus error because you are trying to spend too many notes and not paying the appropriate fee levels which are now being enforced by nodes.
The sound settings that Hanh mentioned are in the ‘ubuntu sound settings’. It is a system sound issue.

On “Notes”:
Think of a Zcash note like a fiat note: bill, dollar, euro, piece of paper, coin, whatever. All Zcash payments you have ever received are held in a note of the amount you received. They are not restricted to the physical face value print of $1, $5, $10 etc.
But when you spend an amount, say 10, your wallet will perform the same ‘action’ of combining 1’s and 5’s and change to reach that amount. The more actions the transaction requires, the heavier the computational load and the more you are required to pay in fees.
The ‘notes’ tab in Ywallet will show you your individual notes and allow to selectively exclude some from certain transactions if you choose.