Error when starting Zcash to mine on pool

i need some help to understand the issue
when i start mining with the command:
zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp://\ -user=tmWp9vjqNnk8YynNVnVPrXniE4oSsjrGT56 -equihashsolver=tromp\ -genproclimit=-1

i have the following error:
zcashd: miner.cpp:461: void BitcoinMiner(CWallet*): Assertion `solver == “tromp” || solver == “default”’ failed.

but when i start mining without the "" after 1337 and tromp it works but i want to be sure that all arguments are considered and i’m not mining for free :wink:
zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp:// -user=tmWp9vjqNnk8YynNVnVPrXniE4oSsjrGT56 -equihashsolver=tromp -genproclimit=-1
is ok

add equihashsolver=tromp into your config file

so i have now in my zcash.conf

if i start zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp://\ -user=tmWp9vjqN8YynNVnVPrXniE4oSsjrGT56 -equihashsolver=tromp\ -genproclimit=-1
i have the same error

but with zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp://\ -user=tmWp9vjqN8YynNVnVPrXniE4oSsjrGT56\ -genproclimit=-1
it’s ok

~/zcash/./src/zcashd daemon -stratum=stratum+tcp://

Thx it’s starting how to be sure i’m well mining with the pool?

If it is running then the pool has received your address fine.
The miner would have shown you an error otherwise.

The \ are Just there so you can execute a command with multiple lines.

/zcash/./src/zcashd daemon -stratum=
not working now :worried:

If you sought this thread out because you’re on zmine, I believe it has shut down. I like zogpool if you’re looking for something new: