Workers not working?


First of all thank you all for making this wonderful stuff !!!

But it seems obviously I don’t understand it quit enough I’ m sorry for that.

Did follow the repo Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub

created a t address an z adress
created the zcash.conf with

root@zcash:/opt# cat /root/.zcash/zcash.conf

starting zcashd with this command

zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp:// -user=witte.ZCash -password=zcash -printtoconsole -debug

and tried with suprnova

zcashd -stratum=stratum+tcp:// -user=witte.Zcash -password=Zcash -printtoconsole -debug

and having this output

Checking solution 1

  • Checking solution against target
    Checking solution 2
  • Checking solution against target
    Running Equihash solver “tromp” with nNonce = 00006058cb52ff14044d96febdeff97f98f3fe255d7dfcd804b08c9685cb0002
    Checking solution 1
  • Checking solution against target
    Running Equihash solver “tromp” with nNonce = 00001651ce64961a385059950b571eb9b2ef3b35fc42cbe8f06f5f42b9db0002

in the debug file i see

17-10-09 10:10:46 Running ZcashMiner with 34 transactions in block (367702 bytes)
2017-10-09 10:10:47 CreateNewBlock(): total size 368844

if started without daemon I see

Block height | 198866
Connections | 4
Network solution rate | 374737896 Sol/s
Local solution rate | 6.2143 Sol/s

You are mining with the tromp solver on 10 threads.

Since starting this node 36 seconds ago:

  • You have validated 3425 transactions!
  • You have completed 97 Equihash solver runs.

But if I gonna see on the site then I don’t see activity on the workers ?

I run it for 2 days but still have 0 zcash ?

What I’m missing here or doing wrong ?

Any help will very appreciated !


Kind Regards,

You’ve set yourself up with a Zcash node and are mining using your CPU. Unfortunately, we’re long past the profitability of CPU mining. Your CPU gets you 6 Sol/s when the network hashrate is over 300 million Sol/s (300 MSol/s). Your chance of finding a block is literally 0%.

In order to find a block mining solo, you would need at least 300-500 thousand Sol/s (300-500 KSol/s). Even then, it would still be luck based and it would probably take months for you to find a block on your own.

That being said, you can join a pool. But you would still need a significant boost in hashrate to get anything reasonable.

For perspective and math:

Your CPU = 6 Sol/s
A decent GPU (let’s say a GTX 1070) = ~450 Sol/s
A top tier GPU (such as the GTX 1080 Ti) = ~720 Sol/s

To solo mine you would need 694 1080 Ti’s to hit 500 KSol/s (500,000/720=694)

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Thank you very much for the clarification.
It was worth trying however did learn new stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

Kind Regards,

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You’re welcome and you’re right. It’s all a learning process regardless. While I realize you won’t be getting much in return for keeping the node running, if you’re able to please do so. Running a node keeps the Zcash network healthy and decentralized. :slight_smile: