Zcash & Eth 2.0


“Eth 2.0’s ability to connect with other projects – specifically non-Bitcoin ones – could materialize in a few different ways: Perhaps Ethereum shares its value across different chains or perhaps it siphons tech away from other projects, taking their market caps with it…”

My instinct says this is great for Zcash and its ecosystem but could this perhaps this could act as a “Trojan Horse” to siphon Zcash tech and take Zcash’s market cap with it.

Can someone from ECC or Zcash Foundation share their thoughts on this?

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To be honest, this isn’t really news. It has been known that Eth2 would be using BLS12-381 for almost 2 years now. In fact, the BLS12-381 curve is being used in a lot of PoS projects for the same purposes. Somehow, someone at Coindesk thought it was important to write an article about it giving you the impression that it’s particularly important. That being said, there’s tons of research that the ECC has done that many other fields outside of cryptocurrency is using and taking advantage of.

Mikerah, thanks for your input. Again, I view the more Zcash technology is used the better for Zcash and the world in general.

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I’m not sure I would agree with the second half of that statement. Remember that the Zcash tech that is helping Ethereum to scale can also apply to Zcash , it’s just that Zcash isn’t at that stage yet where the number of daily transactions would justify the work for a network change.

Secondly, I don’t view Zcash and Ethereum as adversarial. They both are trying to achieve different core goals, Zcash is private digital cash and Ethereum is a programmable machine. Zcashs relationship to Ethereum, Cosmos, Gitcoin and other projects help strengthen and validate that the tech behind Zcash stays top of class. You will get much further in such a competitive industry by making alliances instead of enemies :wink:


Makes sense. That’s why I direct these questions to you guys :+1:t3::wink:

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