Everyone who bought CLOUD mining LOST

They paid too much… they won’t be getting their money back even at the END of the contract…not even going to BREAK EVEN… and not even with Genesis Mining which offered the best price.

Your h/s will be too low against everyone else who waited for the right mining software.

no shit

(20 chars))))))))))

can you see months into the future suddenly>?
well we will see what happens with all this

If somehow any cloud mining buyers break even, I will eat my own hair

Screenshotted for future reference :grinning:

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and the most spamming FFS
I wonder how much the spammers get paid
I mean… if you gotta spam that much all over the internet… throw it in to peoples face… wont that turn people off and show that they are desperate to sell their contracts? if people want them… if they were in demand… they would not have to spam so much…

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