Boy have I got a deal for you

Seeing the love for cloud miners on here I figure I need to get into this myself. I will use Genesis for my example because they are well known and seem to have their fans on here. Their current top of the line deal (excluding custom rates) if they weren’t sold out is for 260 H/s @ $2,699 for 1 year which amounts to $10.38 per H/s for the year or .028 per H/s per day.

I will sell you a life time of a minimum of 200 H/s (Claymore v8 is actually 220~ H/s on average but I’d rather shoot low to be on the safe side)

for $1,500 which would be $7.50 per H/s for the year or .020 per H/s per day.

And unlike cloud companies where if the profit from a coin tanks they can cancel your contract (read the fine print they really can) the equipment is yours and you are free to point your hash at the next hot alt-coin on the market.

Price includes free shipping of the rig to your location anywhere in the lower 48 US states.

My life or your life?

Yours or the hardware, whichever kicks it first.

Hah, life of the rig cause I ain’t going to tempt Murphy. Among other things if fools drive anything like they do here where you are it might not be fair to base it on either of our life times lol. (from the guy who about got t-boned at a red light the other morning)

Isn’t the point of cloud mining that they host, maintain, and configure the equipment for you, and the electricity cost is included?

This sounds like you’re selling a mining rig, so comparing the pricing to Genesis is misleading. The real question is how much the parts you’re including cost and consequently what fee you’re charging to assemble and ship it, and whether that’s a good deal.

Really confused here. Is he selling lifetime cloud mining or selling 2 GPUs for $1500?

Yeh it would seem he is selling 1 GPU miner for $1500 seems just another scammer looking to cash in on people who are not to savvy about mining!!!

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you are not selling cloud mining you are selling a rig.

Cloud mining yes its a scamm but if a gpu fails there its not your problem they will replace it.

You are selling a rig that is not worth more than 400$.

Think the mods should look at this one!

Just trying to make a point in regards to cloud mining from seeing on here and other sources the cheerleaders for it. The only way to go with it that makes any sense and will see a RoI is to either a)build your own rig b)buy H/s from a site like nicehash or somewhere similar on an as needed basis. Or really the best way is to simply take the $ you would invest in H/s and buy Zec directly.

My point is that cloud mining is not strictly a scam, because they don’t just take your money and run (at least the legit ones anyway) it’s just not worth what these companies are getting people to pay. Genesis for instance $2699 for 1 year of 260 H/s. Hashflare is even worse for the same 260 H/s $10,920. Zeropond I don’t know their rates and prices because they won’t show them if you’re in the US for legal reasons? - 260 Sol/s for 1 year @ $2699 - 260 Sol/s for 1 year @ $10920 - 1000 Sol/s for 3 months @ 1.25 BTC - 400 Sol/s for 1 year @ 45 BTC

All of them are paying consistently. Do u think u r better than all of the above?

(1) $831.31 total at current Zec price for your year of mining
(2) Same as above
(3) 1.5 BTC= ~$1147 at the moment so for your 3 months you’ll get $788.33 zec at current price
(4) 45 BTC?! Tell me that was a typo. If not no wonder they won’t sell to you if your in the US it’s a lot easier to take someone to court when you’re in the same country.

It’s not about better or worse to me it’s simply about the numbers. When you look at them cloud mining is a great deal for the cloud mining company. At the the rates they are charging they don’t even need actual mining equipment of their own to show payouts to customers. They could simply buy the Zec on exchanges trickle it back to their customers a little at a time and still make themselves a nice little profit especially if the price of zec keeps dropping.

If I was selling at that price 45 bitcoin I would not sell to anyone in same hemisphere as me just increase they found me later and burned me alive lol this is shocking behaviour and without any regulation these scam artists can get away with what they want, I will say some of the cloud mining companies are making changes to there plans and adjusting prices to reflect the market but still more need done,if zcash picks up these better contracts will make money but would have thought unlikely before 12 months are up

Those prices are all invalid, they sold for those prices before Claymore came out because back then most GPUs could only hash at 10-20 H/s.

You are an idiot thinking people are paying these prices OR if someone will pay you $1500 for your crappy rig.

Just sell those GPUs on eBay for the market rate they are worth and move on with your life instead of experimenting.

He’s a scammer looking for a victim but there is to many good people here to call him out, no one will buy into this crap so take your (boy have I got a deal for you) shit and go back under what ever stone you crawled out from.

Thread is closed because of negative commentary. OP can sell his hardware in another thread if he posts more explicit detail of what is being offered for sale.