EVGA 1600 P2 PSU power cable melted


after operated 2 weeks non stop… the PSU cable melted…

That EVGA 1600W P2 used to supply power to 5 x 1080ti with 2 small FAN ONLY. which is 1300W max used only…
and I have set power consumption 90% only on those cards…
How on earth it will melted the PSU power cord?

I am not direct plug it on the wall socket but used on a extension cord…
I wonder it is because of the quality of the extension cord or not…

Wall socket and extension cord power plug no problem
PSU cable to EVGA PSU part no problem.
It melted the socket on the extension cable and the EVGA PSU cable plug…

Total loading is under 2000W… on that 13A socket. (220V here)
4 socket used on the extension cable.
only the EVGA with 1300W max loaded socket melted…

Any guys have hints or suggestion??

Everytime you power any device on, you get a much higher starting load… perhaps this caused corrosion and than this at the end…

13A 220V can support up to 2800W
ALL loading on that extension cord below 2000W (at FULL load).
it is well under 80% loading …

It is strange problem not appeared on the wall socket but on that the extension cable socket which is loaded below 1300W only…

I consider contact EVGA too see if they can give any suggestion…

It is not strange… many cheap adapters are only secured for 10A

that socket on the extension cable used about 1300W only… which is well below 10A too… :frowning:
another 3 socket which connected to 2 PC and Monitor without problem, the extension cable to wall socket also without problem too…

so ONE single socket cannot support 6A… ???

The answer is - super cheap pound shop extension leads are NOT all made the same. Some are utter crap. You got a crap one. It’s not the EVGA power cable that’s melted it’s the actual extension lead socket. Cheap plastics and metals = high resistance = melty melt.

Absolutely agree, its a cheep and nasty power box you plugged a good evga power supply into.

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it melted on 6A power consumption only in 2 weeks… :frowning:
Sad I don’t know where I can buy a original EVGA power cord…
Actually, I do hope it is the problem of the power box only too…

You guys using power extension box / cord for your rig too??
Which brand of extension box / cord you guys are using???
for a 2000W around power consumption rig

No, I plug directly into dedicated power points, (benefit of having an electrician in family) but have melted many a cheep power box on marine tank. If you use a power box the Stanley tool ones seem good. heavy duty yellow things

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I use 20amp tripp lite surge protectors. also with 3800 joules.

Very few consumer power strips will be rated for that level of wattage I’d wager. Look for something with high surge joules protection, as they’re more likely to have good quality wiring.

I use industrial quality, can handle over 3500 Watts (16amp 220V)

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Whoa, which one is that?

not sure of brand name, wife gets them for me here in china… can get the cables custom on any length, I think that one has 8 plugs, I think you can get ones with 10 and 12 plugs also.

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Could you tell me the brand name??

im not sure of the brand name, they are chinese names so… but yeah you can get them up to 12 sockets in one strip. I think names here for them are “bull” and “dtvs” for 2 companies that make them… mine might be a no-name one.

I used to use phillips power bars, but these are all I use now.

heres a 12, not sure if you have the same socket type for the wall?

same company makes server racks here, so yup :slight_smile: good for server racks = good for mining rigs

datacenter approved LOL :electric_plug:

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What is the power rating on that strip Cryptomined?

power rating? its good for 16amp 220v, so over 3500 watts
here we have 10amp and 16 amp 220v outlets in our houses/apartments.
so they have 10amp and 16amp versions for these.

Hello again.

Don’t use extension cords if you can help it. If you can’t, you must pay attention to the wire thickness (wire gauge) of the extension cord. Ideally, I think you would want a 12 gauge extension cord.

You should be able to find a 3rd party replacement power cord for the EVGA. Here in the U.S. you could probably find a suitable replacement from Digi-Key.