EWBF 0.3.4b with GTX1050 slow rate


Testing GTX1050 2Gb with EWBF - got only about 20 Sol/s

But I read many times, that this card speed should be about 140 Sol/s

What am I doing wrong?
Win7 x64 + latest nvidia drivers

My RX 460 4G 100 Sol
RX 470 Nitro+ 8G 300 Sol OC 320
RX 470 HIS 4G 280 Sol OC 300 Sol
RX 470 Sapphire 4G 280 sol OC 300 Sol
RX 570 280 Sol OC 300 Sol

1080 Mini Zotac 500 Sol OC 570 Sol

try to OC

OC 7 times? )))


I wouldn’t even bother trying to mine with a 1050, unless you have free power somehow. Even at 140 sols for 75W that is very inefficient. Considering power cost you’d be making almost nothing.