Gtx1060 Strix OC 320-335 solo/s vs Gtx1080 Strix 550 Sols

Hi ther, first sorry for my bad Eanglis. My Gtx 1060 gb Strix can produce 320-335 sol/s and an gtx1080 only 550?? How? Why? Any Gtx1080 owner who can produce more then 600 sol/s?

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the 1080 stock = 550ish, 1080’s over clocked = 610-618
1070 stock = 410-420, overclocked 455-480
1060 I have no idea, but I remember reading that 320-335 is about right

1060 looks good low power usage low heat and more hashes than RX480. They’re certainly the best value in terms of hash per $ and hash per watt. So it realy depends if you want lots of less powerful 1060 or a few powerful 1080.

Hi VHS, How many watts are you burning to get 320-335? I have generally estimated about 290H/s on GTX 1060. Are you using EWBF miner?

Tnx for answers, so gtx1080 OC go over 600 sol/s…that is ok…

dawnpwns, yes i use last vesrsion EWBF and my power usage is kinda big when i max OC my gtx 1060 its avrage 140w 2,36sol/w

And when i lower power target to - 44% i got 290-300 sol/s and 85 watts usge, 3,4sol/w

Good afternoon.
Please tell me if you tuned GTX 1060 cards to more than 300 sol / s
I’m using the driver version 381.65
EWBF miner version 0.3.3b

Yeah I am using GTX 1080ti stix OC
Using EWBF Miner 0.3.4b
Power Limit 70%
CC +110
MC +375
Stable conditions.

and I am getting around average max 650 sol/s i have 4 Stix and my average around 2600 sol/s to 2700sol/s

Still not happy with this overclock though, anyone have any better OC option?