Ewbf ram problem


I noticed that the miner on 1 pc will have problems after like 2 days of running.
I noticed that the problem is that he runs out of memory and even when I increase the virtual mem it just takes longer.

Does any of you know how to fix it?
2 gtx 1060 6gb
i7 4770k
8gb of ram (the rest is virtual ram)
600 watt psu
running windows 10 with ewbf 0.3.4 version

Are you able to try 16GB of RAM?

no I can’t do that and I know it did work well for like 2 months 24/7


  1. Try to reinstall Windows.
  2. Check your startup folder and services, maybe you pickup a mining virus
  3. If you want you can try my program to monitoring your farm: [CMD] Zcash Miner Autorun (Autorestart / Watchdog) for EWBF miner
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