EWBF mining - slowed down, why?

Hello, I started mining few days ago on a EVGA 1080ti KINGPIN.
The mining was about 740 sol/s without overclock and 790 with overclock.

Today I installed MultiPoolMiner V2. (before installing it I closed ewbf) I used it a little, then turned it off because I need to learn it and postponed to a later time.
Then restarted EWBF… and it was mining at 540sol/s!!

I rebooted the computer… and now it’s mining at about 615 sol/s.

What may have happened?

Please help

what was your gpu temp when it was mining 740 sol

740 the temp was about 78C.
At 790 the temp was 79C.
Now at 604 sol the temp is 70C

Running in Windows 8.1

One more info. Without OC it’s working at about 604 sol/s.
If I enable OC with OCX, it goes to 666 / 672 sol/s and the temp is rising to 73… and soon probably it will be higher

I don’t have windows . I can’t really help much .

try it on another fresh installation OS on any other machine .

just to remove malware / virus probability .

so many of them try to use your own mining power for their own .
604 sol and 70c doesn’t add up .

at , 78 and 79 you are killing your gpu quickly , ie it might not last a year .
I have it mining 680 sols on 66C - 67C
I rather have my GPU last little longer and sacrifice the extra 50 sols .

try your GPU on fresh installation OS and limit your TDP to lower the temp . and hope meanwhile you didn’t cause damage mining at that temp for few days .

Wow, high temps and low hashrate for your kingpin. Is your monitor hooked up to this card? That could do it

No, the monitor is plugged to a GTX 770 used only for the monitor.
The high temp can be due to the fact that there is little space between the two cards. I plan to make a rig… when the BTC will go up.

Hi, I doubt this is a virus, because if the EWBF miner is off there seem nothing is using the GPU. So no virus…

I have no idea what to do… I want to avoid install it on a new windows, because I still don’t have a dedicated machine just for mining… I am using my work desktop pc so far.

how about booting from a usb stick .
there are many os on usb stick . like simple mining os for example .

another thing to try changing the PCIe slot .
or using riser on a different pcie slot , and leave the gpu out of the case hanging just to test .

if you have extra HDD you can unplug yours temporarily and plug the new hdd and install linux mint for example . it installs the GPU drivers automatically .

its all just to see if there is hardware problem somewhere weather its in the GPU or the motherboard . or software issue .

Wow really strange. I changed
–cuda_devices 0
–cuda_devices 0 1

to re enable the GTX 770 and see if it was also affected. And…
they both started to be as fast as they should.


Now I went back to GPU 0 only… and it’s working at 755 sol/s.

Really strange

Windowzzz .

you need a proper OS.