EWBF always crashes, but Excavator works fine, why?

I am running 6x1060 6GB mining rig, mainly I am mining zcash.
when I use EWBF it runs sometimes for few hours then it crashes and freezes the PC, only hard reset can be done to restore the windows functionality.
I tried Excavator, it runs flawlessly but the SOL/S in less than the EWBF…
I am not overclocking or undervolting anything, only using MSI AB to adjust the fan speeds to curve mode.

what am I missing here? does EWBF known to be unstable like this?
I am using latest 0.3.4B version and tried many nvidia drivers with same issue…

EWBF appears to be inactive. No posts in the official forum.

maybe too much zec :wink:
The Excavator team seems to be more active


EWBF currently gives the best Sol/s on the green side (nVidia). You have to play with your card settings in order to get it to play nice. You mention you haven’t touched anything but the fan. Please post a screenshot of Afterburner so we can clearly see your settings as well as a screenshot of EWBF when it’s crashed or crashing.

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Also, provide us with your OS version and full cards version.

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when EWBF crashes it gives GPU stopped, restart attempted
the gpu number is random and seconds later all GPU are crashed and get 0 SOL, then the system freezes and doesn’t respond to anything,
MSI AB settings are
100% power
+0 core
+0 Memory and fan set to auto and curve.

Cards are Zotac amp! plus GTX 1060 6GB
OS is windows 7 ultimate 64bit

What PSU are you using?

Cards are ok, but best choice for OS is WIN 10 pro x64 ver.1703.
Also, maby your cards are overheated?

EVGA 1300 watt…I have enough power to run the system which only draw 700 watt max

cards never exceeds 69 or 70 C, and it also crashes when I put the rig on Airconditioned room, so the temp is not the issue here…

Try doing a bit of troubleshooting with the cards individually. You can set EWBF to a specific cards. Run it on each card individually to see if a particular one is causing it to crash.

In the mean time, make sure your video drivers and BIOS are up to date.

@nekkidtruth have a right. But it all looks like you need to change OS.

the bios is updated to latest and I also updated the nvidia drivers to latest one today…
the thing is why excavator plays nicely while EWBF causing lots of errors!!

does EWBF has any known issues with windows 7?
I use win7 because it is much lighter on my rig which have 4GB ram only…

That’s not a particularly easy question to answer. Excavator may not truly be taxing the card enough to cause an issue. Or on the other side of that coin, EWBF could need some adjusting. You can’t really compare 2 pieces of software in that way. While they both do the same thing, they do so differently.

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maybe a usefull too (EWBF’s cuda miner monitor tool)

credit: Robcsa from bitcointalk.org

I used this tool, the problem is when the miner crash, the whole system freezes which makes the batch file useless…

Windows 10 is definitely nicer to mining than previous version of Windows. I do have a Windows 7 machine that runs EWBF and don’t really have any issues though. But all the others run Windows 10.

EWBF is extremely finicky. It will crash over the littlest thing. That being said, your cards are all factory overclocked. I’m betting if you dial them back slightly, they’ll run perfectly fine in EWBF.

That’s where dealing with your cards individually helps.


  1. Install the latest graphic drivers for your specific GPU and OS, (i.e. GTX1080 on Windows 10 64-bit).

I will try windows 10, and I will underclock the memory and core a little bit to see how it plays…