EWBF Thread Exit 4 and 46, Whole PC resets

So I am using the newest EWBF with 4x Zotac AMP Extreme 1080 Ti. I am using completely stock settings. I start the miner and it throws Code 4 and then 46. I close the program. I relaunch and then the whole PC restarts. I have no idea what is going on. Any enlightment would be great, thank you in advance!

I’ve been getting these when OC’ing too much. Not sure why this would happen to you on stock settings though :confused:

Yea I have no idea. It was running for about 1 hour now… then same thing. I don’t get it.

How is your power supply? Is it running efficiently?

yes, its working good, 1500W PSU. It’s running now again 1 hour… we will see what happens. I am hoping it doesn’t crash. But, I am using the new 0.3.4 and seems more stable.

what is the speed u can get from your Zotac? I am considering to buy it

UPDATE: It has been stable now like 12+ hours on new version of EWBF.

Also, in reply to your question: I am getting ~705 to 745 sol/s on stock settings.

What about the temperature? How hot is it? Using water cooling?