EWBF cuda miner crashing gpu

Hello fellow miners!

I’m having some trouble with my miner. I am using the latest EWBF CUDA ZCash miner yet I can’t go 4 hours without my miner crashing.

It says something along the lines of gpu restarting and they stop working. I have 6 GTX 1070 GPU’s.

They are overclocked, so I tried to reset them to default settings. Unfortunately that didn’t fix it.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

I’m running on the ZENMINE.pro pool by the way, in case that helps!

Also, when I mine eth using claymores miner, I have no issues and can run it non stop for days.

I’m having the same exact problem with my 1070 FTW.

I run both a 1080 and 1070 FTW. Noticed it was happening after about 8 or so hours. So I ran them at the same time but different bat files to see which one is crashing the entire client. Woke up this morning to my 1080 still going strong, but my 1070 crashed.

Error code 77 once, then error code 46 every few seconds after that. It didn’t effect the mining of my 1080 even though they’re both on the same rig.

The only thing I can recommend is to see if your overclock is not too much and if the power supply can handle the cards. Also see if your pool has connectivity issues. If none of that applies to you then give me more info and I will try and help :slight_smile:

I think we can rule out the connectivity issues because I’m running a 1080 and a 1070FTW. The client was crashing after a few hours, so I separated them into two instances of the client. The 1070 got the error code 77 then 46. The 1080 is still going strong as if there was no problem at all.

I’ll check the overclock, but if the overclock was too much wouldn’t i have had this provlem much sooner instead of 8 hours deep into mining?

I removed the over clock and used default settings with the miner. My PSU aid 1600w psu for 6 gpu rig. I have used both suprnova and zenmine.pro

Sometimes it is fine then all of a sudden it crashes. Check the overclock and increase the TDP or lower your overclock. It can be stable for a while then all of sudden it crashes.

1600W for 6 gpu rig. Hmmm How many watts are you using out of the 1600W PSU? Have you checked around if someone else is using the same cards and may have the same issue as you?

Running into the same issues. Seems to run fine on both of my rigs that have 1070s and a mix of 1070s/1080s and it just randomly hangs. The process looks to continue running and has to be killed to get them back working. One of the rigs (all 1070’s) does hang with a DeadDevice error. If I find something that works I’ll come back here and let y’all know.

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After how long does it happen. Do you OC?

Latest Linux EWBF miner 0.3.4b had a ~2% hash improvement. I immediately found it to be less stable than the 0.3.3b version. After some tweaking, things are back to stable but I had to reduce my over clocking on a GPU by GPU basis. Some GPU’s had to have a lower over clock than others. Once I found the limits for each GPU things have been stable again.

I need to look at going back to 0.3.3b as it think I was getting slightly higher sol/s with the higher over clocks on 0.3.3b. I have been out of town for a week so I will look into that when I get back.

Hope that helps.

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so are we all in agreement that we should swap back to 0.3.3b? I’m having the same exact problem.

MSI - z170a pro-gaming carbon
16g 2400MHZ RAM RipJaw
(2) 750W power supplies, 3 cards + Mobo on 1. 3 cards on the other.

GPU- (6) EVGA GTX 1060

Version 006 extenders. Blue ones.

My power keeps fluctuating but then goes back to normal if i super underclock.

If you do, please let us know. I hate this error its cutting into my profits!


Has anyone given any thought to a script like this that would just restart the mining instance every period of time that it is set to? IE if time is set to 3600 it would restart the program every hour? It seems like the best fix is to just simply restart the program every so often. If anyone is aware of a downside to this please share with me. I am still learning.


Also, a bit of help. I am looking for a power shell program that someone posted on here that could tell when mining stopped and restart it. If anyone saved a link, please share the link.

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