EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s

Running ~280 Sol/s on a GTX1080 ROG STRIX A8G

GTX 950 OCed ~ 92 sol/s

quick question is there any way I can see the command line for the miner? I wanted to know how I can select which gpus to run in the instance?
I have 3x 1070's and 3 750tis in one rig and I wanted to run the 3 1070's on this miner.
can anyone help?


at the end u put in command line --cuda_devices 0 1 2 or the numbers assigned to ur 1070 devices

thx man ! much appreciated :smile:

@ocminer Good to be back mining in your pool. I took a sabbatical when nicehash bought that good nvidia miner.

Nice work.

Claymore has to push on AMD now! :joy:

Simply awesome.

Getting 300 sol/s per single EVGA GTX 1070 FTW, with OC of Core +92, Mem +700, drawing 84% power, running 54 degrees air cooled, 44 degrees watercooled. Total of 600sol/s.

seems to be an awesome miner. but what about power drain from the wall? i just see hashes, but what about efficiency? i know NVIDIA is very efficient but would like to see some user scenarios if some1 cound deliver those

I don't have a kill-a-watt but my single gtx 1070 is mining at 265-270 sols/s and I can still use my desktop as normal and even stream videos if I'd like -- and that's also while mining on 10 of 12 CPU threads with no igpu.

I think there is still a lot more mining power to be pulled from these pascal cards. However, using any ethereum miner slows the machine down measurably. Opening and closing windows shows a performance decrease. Maybe it's just equihash, but I suspect a lot of improvements in the coming years with cuda mining.

316 Sol/s - Uff
MSI GTX 1070 gaming X, heavily overlocked
Hashrate went 18.9% UP compared to NiceHash EQM,
but consumption is 22% UP!

Hmmm...now getting insane numbers of rejected shares. About 50 - 60%
mining on Nicehash EU.
Even without overclock! Restarting miner doesn't help.
Was using outdated version 1b, now testing 3b:

what's your memory and clock oc?

2176 / 4752 (+200 / +950Mhz)

Power drain from the wall for me (Evga 1070 SC) no OC is about 200 Watts. No CPU mining.

That includes your other components as well (hds, mobo, etc). By itself, its probably closer to 150.

seems its not that stable though

Now yeah it does report the 270 sol/s per GTX1070 so thats ok but due the ineffciant mining of devfee the average mining is not that much better then NiceHash's so on average it scores a little less, but not much. In addition you will notice (well i did an all my rigs) a drop in hashratres even when not doing dev fee's to half the speeds of expected.

Funny part is that most drops start to happend when difficulty starts to get higher then 256-ish. perhaps some issue in its difficulty with this miner?

it does draw 17% more power from the GPU's so you pay for more power

EQM takes 3% vs the Devfee of 2% and 1% of any good pool

So overall i wouldnt clean this miner would be beter, but with the mining of ZEC instead of BTC it might be the same now and better in the long run if ZEC rises above current prices.

I'm not seeing the hashrate drops, and the reported hashrate on the pool matches exactly what I'm seeing in the miner. Also, its been running stable for 2 straight nights for me...so maybe its something with your config or cards. I did notice on one rig my PSU could not handle the miner, even though it was able to handle any other one (including other algos). I had to start a different miner first, let the cards "warm up" and then kick this one on.

My 1080 @ 2088/5500 is getting between 340 - 350h/s and my 970 1491/3505 is getting about 190. Crazy fast! Crashes often though so I've got it restarting every 5 minutes.