Most efficient Zcash miner?


I am looking for the most efficient miner for a GTX 1080 TI build, performance wise ( currently using NiceHash ).


EWBF is what I’m reading for the best Nvidia miner … it should be close to if not in excess of 500 Sol/s. Also don’t forget to at least undervolt the card so that it runs cooler.


Do you know if its possible to undervolt Nvidia cards on Linux?

To my knowledge the only way to undervolt is gpu bios mod.


Use nvidia-smi to lower the power cap:

nvidia-smi -pm 1  # enable persistence
nvidia-smi -pl N # where N is power limit in watts
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hopeffuly got update from genoil and optiminer…hehe

Any idea what the fees are for this software?

Thanks !

Well, thats not really undervolting. Thats limiting power usage. This way by limiting power draw you will limit the output hashrate. The idea is to lower core voltage, as long as card still work stable with same efficiency, but generates less heat and draws less power. This is pretty easy on Windows with plethora of tools available.

20 char…

Yeah. I think you used to be able to do something similar to the following but I haven’t been able to get it working with my GTX 1070s and recent drivers.

nvidia-setting -a GPUOverVoltageOffset=-50

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What is the best mining software for zcash? (Nvidia GPU, Intel CPU)

@kraken99111 when you go to a thread that has been dead for 8+ months and start pushing bminer it leaves one to wonder about your agenda?


I also just came on this page, looking for the best miner…
The thread title is always appropriate, no matter when it was asked…

I was using EWBF, seeing much difference after the Minergate scam;
I just started a few hours ago Bminer…

I’ll see how it goes, and let you know :wink:

Edit: EWBF gave me the best results.

just so that you are aware, the user that posted it has been banned from the Zcash forums. Take account that information when testing that program along with Its closed source software

Can I ask you why he was banned? What’s the problem with bminer? I am using EWBF right now. I read reports that bminer shows a high hashrate in the software itself but in fact is not faster on the pool. Is that true?

I went looking for the post where it was explained by the Zcash moderator; but I can’t seem to locate it.

In short he violated forum rules in such a way he was permanently banned. Without finding the actual post I do not want to ab-lib.

Every day there are more posts on bitcointalk about that miner concerning why its closed source and what displays on your computer does not reflect what the pools show.