EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner Version 0.3.3b Keeps crashing


I have a GTX960 running on windows, I have 2 new 1080ti coming and was hoping to just get the miners set up and working.
I was mining all last night with no problems, then the card started crashing this morning and the screens would black out and i have had the system reboot on me once.
When the miner crashes i noticed a wrong version CUDA, so i downloaded cuda_8.0.61_win10 and the miner at least starts and runs (for a wail) i get about 120 sols but i it is still crashing.
Im mining Sia also with no problems.
I cant understand why it was working last night and now i its playing up.
Any ideas?
I get my 1080ti`s in 2 days, do think the problem will still be there?


there is a new version of ewbf’s miner (V0.3.4b) try that.
it looks like the GPU is failing. Try to underclock the mem as with Sia mining you almost not use your VRam and with Zcash mining you do use it. try to make sure your 960 is below the 70C

Its seems to working now.
I’ve locked all the settings, Vram usage is at 84% GPU speed is 109% sitting at 60c
153 sol/s.
Thank you very much.
I haven’t been doing this long, couple of days.
Thought I’d have a play with this old card before blowing up the 1080ti’s hahah.
What pool is the best at the moment?
Im using nanopool.

it depends I also used nanopool but I’m currently using suprnova because I like the more controls about stuff. but there is almost no difference I have checked.

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