Exchange Dividend Tokens and Profit

Anybody experience with the different Exchange Tokens that give Dividends?

After researching and trying a lot of POS projects these Exchange Dividend Tokens are my next object of testing/researching/investing.

Any information is appreciated, thx in advance :slight_smile:

I use coinex getting a few dust from all their trades. They also have a thing called trade mining. Their coin to participate is CET. When pointing your rigs to their pools at VIABTC (btc,dash,ltc,zec) you earn CET on top of that. Getting about 9 CET free everyday with my Z9 so helps a bit with profit

I’am trying CET allready and mine some things on Viabtc to get the free CET’s, about 20 per day, but yesterday i bought a stake too to see how things work out.

I was more interested in how much dividends you get, how regulary it is, other exchanges, compared to other exchange dividend tokesn and all that stuff.

Anyway, thx for the answer.