Expanding rig - Questions


I’m planning to expand my rig from 4 GTX 1080 TI to 6 adding 2 more for the moment. But I need to change the motherboard and add another supply power. But what do you recommend?

Add a BTC PRO - 12 GPUS or BTC PRO - 6 GPUS? (Price almost the same, about 70 USD different) Also the CPU I Have is a GEN 7 pentium, does it support the 12 GPUS? (If it have an M.2 so I could do it 13 GPUs)

And about the 2 extra GTX can I set a power supply 600W 80 PLUS BRONZE or should I add a 650W?

Also, I have 4 GTX AORUS now I will buy "Gigabyte GV-N108TGAMING OC-11GD " does it should be ok or should I buy the same brand/type?

What motherboard do you have now? Can you use risers to increase GPU capacity?

For increasing power/adding power supply, you should look at server PSU - cheaper and platinum rated: https://www.pyramidreviews.com/bitcoin-mining/best-power-supply-for-mining/

You wouldn’t haved to stick to that brand or type, but habving all 1080Ti at least should make things simpler

Right now I have A really cheap motherboard “Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H” I have 4 gtx connected to that and its full. I use 3 pcie and 1 m.2 to pcie.

RIght now I have a PSU 850W PLUS Gold for 2 GTX, motherboard, SSD, 2 small fans.
And Another 750W PLUS BRONZE for 2 GTX and 2 small fans.

Should I buy 1 extra Corsair PSU with 600-650w BRONZE? Or A bigger PSU for everything? I found a 650W Bronze in $78USD (It’s cheap in my country)