Export private keys from Zecwallet Lite on MAC OS

Hi - I’d like to try to export my private keys from Zecwallet Lite, but am not familiar with how to do this using terminal command line. The reason this is required is b/c I’m unable to get into the wallet due to synchronization issues. Hahn explained the steps here for Windows, but would be appreciate of the help for Mac. Import from ZecWallet Lite :: YWallet


I’m not sure about the mac syntax but with zcashd running you open another terminal, navigate to same directory (zcash/src presumably) and run the ./zcash-cli command followed by the appropriate rpc, which in this case, is z_exportkey

Thank you, but this is a bit beyond my capabilities.

Using the command line is easy once you clear that initial hump of “wtf even is this?” and that just takes a little practice. If you watch a couple YT videos about command line basics (or whatever) you’ll see that ‘beyond your capabilities’ is simply not true, you’re psyching yourself out. The link below explains how to do it BUT I’m not suggesting that you do things with your money that you aren’t comfortable doing. I’m only suggesting that you practice and learn. Otherwise you might just wait.

@zeecashzee , that doc is about something else. It’s actually quite simple.

  • Download zecwallet-lite-cli from github: https://github.com/adityapk00/zecwallet-light-cli/releases/download/v1.7.20/macOS-zecwallet-cli-v1.7.20.zip
  • Double click on the file once downloaded, it will open it in “Finder”,
  • Double click on “zecwallet-cli”, it will prompt a warning: “Bla bla unix app from the internet… Are you sure you want to open it?”,
  • Click “Open”
  • It will open a “Terminal” automatically for you and run the app
  • The app will start scanning but you don’t want that.
  • So press “Ctrl+C” and it will stop, leaving the terminal opened
  • Drag and drop the icon of “zecwallet-cli” from the finder into the terminal window, this will insert the full path to the program. But do not type return or it will start again.
  • Add --nosync export > wallet.zwl (exactly, capitalization and space matter), then press return. This tells the program to skip syncing and to export the private keys into a file named wallet.zwl.
  • Navigate to your home directory in Finder and you should find a wallet.zwl file.
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Amazing! That worked. Thank you so much @hanh

Will close this thread and discuss next steps elsewhere.