Selling (used) Nvidia- GTX1070s

Hey guys, I am selling 12 Nvidia GTXs. They are as follows:

4x Gigabyte GTX1070 Windforce OC - sell price $350 (orig ~ $400 with tax)
1x MSI GTX1070 Gaming - sell price $400 (orig ~$450 with tax)
1x EVGA GTX1070 - sell price $400 (orig ~$450 with tax)
1x EVGA GTX1060 6GB - sell price $240 (orig ~$290 with tax)
1x MSI GTX1060 6GB - sell price $240 (orig ~$290 with tax)
1x EVGA GTX1080FTW - sell price $420 (orig ~ $530 with tax)
3x EVGA 1050 TI - sell price $140 (orig ~$165 with tax) **1050s are never used, 1 was opened for curiosity, 2 still in original package

Total For all is $3520. If you want the PSUs/motherboards/ram/cables I can sell those too, and add $500 to the price. (please feel free to ask what PSUS/mobos)/(shipping and handling are free, I will cover these costs)

These are approximately 4 months old, bought in July 2017, and have generated me 7 zec coins of which I sold @$400 during bithumb pump n dump.

The video cards are all functional, and my rigs(two) are reset every 7 days. Both rigs are running and I plan to keep running them until sold. Let me know.

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Are these for sale in the US only, or internationally only, or both? Does the sale price include shipping costs?

US and international, shipping costs will be my expense so the seller does not incur shipping costs.

any reason why you are selling 'em?

Long answer:

Mining got me into the crypto world. About 2 months ago, I started day trading on bittrex,binance, and a few other exchanges. I’ve bought vertcoin @$1.00 and sold for $3.00, I’ve bought zencash @9 and sold for $25, smartcast @0.089 and sold for $0.14, monacoin @2.15 and flipped for $4.55.

But my income is limited by the 5k I spent on mining equipment. I spent on my mined zcash on the exchanges.

I figured at this point I can make more money investing 3.5k into the market than a small passive income for the next 2-3 years. The machines work perfectly too, just restarted one rig this morning (weekly maintenance).

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it’s just not a deal sorry just bought another 16 on ebay for 310 each I just made offer on there and they guy accpeted for 1070 gigabyte gaming x triple fan.


If you want my 6x 1070s, name a price. I honestly don’t know how much I can sell these for. I’ve already made over 60% back in coins.

I’m down for $300 per card for the gigabytes. The MSI and EVGA, $350.

I’ll do the ones for 300

Scott Stevens


Any of these cards still forsale?

They are. Kinda ignored this thread while Craigslist and local listings get back to me.

They’re still mining for me. Crazy how zcash prices jumped by difficulty not as much.

Are you in the USA?

Im interested. I pmd you

Yes I’m in the USA. I had pm’ed you way back but I didn’t hear back from you. If you like pm me and let’s do something with these cards, that’s if you still want to sell them.

Hey smokinggun, do you offer invoice too?

What happen? You pm’ed me I replied back twice and have not heard from you. You could be polite and reply with yes or no. Instead of leaving someone hanging.

Part purchased. assembling today