February 14, 2022 - forum update

Hello Zcashers,

Thanks for joining us for another Zcash update roundup. Our forum updates will now drop on Mondays.

Zcash updates


  • Additional analysis of Google Cloud usage and related organization
  • Cleanup of Digital Ocean detectors
  • Completed planning for group OKRs
  • Started functional testing of IT Service Management platform


  • Merged Unified Address support. :tada: (zcash#5419)
  • Merged the Auto-Shielding branch, part of the Data Access API. (librustzcash#341)
  • Updated and new RPC methods for Unified Address support: z_listreceivedbyaddress (zcash#5508), z_exportviewingkey (#5519), z_sendmany (#5469), z_shieldcoinbase (#5490), z_getbalanceforaccount and z_getbalanceforaddress (#5500)
  • Refactor how the transparent keypool is used (zcash#5529, #5531).
  • Updated test vectors for Orchard and transparent keys to use ZIP 32 / BIP 44 derivation. (zcash-test-vectors#81, #82)
  • Daira has started writing hir presentation slides for Zcon3, on “Understanding the Security of Zcash”.


  • Android:
    • Wallet:
      • Advances in Background sync !!!
      • Dependency updates + regression on latest Android Release
      • Automatic Screenshot generation
    • SDK:
      • Dependency updates + regression on latest Android Release
      • Automation for Snapshot Releases (kudos Carter and Taylor)
      • SDK Publishing automation
  • iOS:
    • Wallet:
      • Send/Request ZEC Flow Components (in progress)
      • Wallet History (in progress)
    • SDK:
      • Released minor version with fresh checkpoints
      • Fixed a recurring iOS CI issue (I hope this time for good!)
      • Autoshielding PR was MERGED (Kudos to Kris, Daira, Str4d, Ying Tong)
      • NU5 Wallet SDK API works (in progress)
      • Rust-less build (in progress)

In the news, Coinbase aired what was arguably the most talked-about commercial of the American SuperBowl. Geopolitical tension between Russia and Ukraine caused dips in coin prices across the board. India’s central bank has called cryptocurrency a “big threat” to financial stability.