December 17, 2021 - forum update

Hello Zcashers,

Happy Friday, and welcome to the last forum update of the year. See you in 2022!

Zcash updates

  • The NU5 and Halo Arc timeline has been updated.
  • Cypherpunk Zero explored the relationship between privacy and creative freedom on her Twitter page.
  • Keep an eye on our events page to hear about upcoming ECC events on Twitter Spaces.
  • Zcash has been relisted on Coinbase UK.

Community Shoutout


  • Initial Pager Duty implementation and onboarding testing complete
  • Updated Lightwalletd Operating Manual & Zcash CI Operating Manual
  • Gave Engineering Brown Bag presentations on conferences attended by engineers
  • Finishing last component of Zcashd debug binary package deployment via apt
  • Hired Senior DevSecOps Engineer
  • ZWallet security review (bug)
  • NPS score brown bag discussion (notes)


  • Continued refining and simplifying the Halo 2 security proof
    • Mary Maller started her official review this week
  • Rewrote our Poseidon implementation
    • We identified this as a possibility in early September when we found inconsistencies in various implementations (there was no precise spec)
  • Implemented parsing and serialization of Unified {Incoming, Full} Viewing Keys
  • Completed the EccConfig refactor
  • Migrated to a Halo 2 version with AssignedCell
    • AssignedCell is an abstraction for assigned cells of a given type
  • Introduced a ternary expression helper
  • Made great progress on Orchard support in the Zcashd wallet


  • SDK:
  • Secant iOS Wallet
    • Navigation Flow functionality validated
      • Home, Onboarding, transaction history and detail, etc
    • Secant iOS Wallet (cont’d)
      • Onboarding Finished
      • Secret Recovery Phrase Validation (in Review)
      • Testflight builds fixed
    • MnemonicSwift Library
      • Swift Package Manager Support (in review)
      • Component to make it friendlier to “The Composable Architecture” (TCA) (in review)
    • Secant Android Wallet
      • Onboarding Screens [Scaffold] (in progress)
      • Recovery Phrase Backup and validation [Scaffold] (in progress)
      • Dependency Updates
      • App Startup improvements for older devices
      • Apple M1 silicon support
    • Zcash Android SDK
      • Dependency Updates
      • Log4j 0day research spike (we were not affected by it)
      • Apple M1 silicon support

In the news, the U.S. stock market and Bitcoin are sliding into the end of the year. Russia’s central bank looks to ban crypto investments. A new CNBC survey found that most millennial millionaires have parked most of their wealth in crypto. India’s largest crypto exchange saw massive jumps in trading this year.