July 2, 2021 - weekly forum update

Hello Zcashers,

Janie here, stepping in for Elena to deliver your forum update this week.

Here are your Zcash updates:

Work full-time in the Zcash ecosystem


  • Responded and resolved GCP exploit on cloud infrastructure
  • Fixed remaining smoke tests bugs causing random failures and removed Sprout logic
  • Responded to Tekton load issue
  • Completed core-file process audit / research for existing / future production environments
  • Gathered metrics for end of June statistics used by growth team

Core - The team is still heads-down working on NU5

  • [ZIP 213] Shielded Coinbase
    • Add for_action method for constructing an OrchardDomain (link)
    • Make note encryption OrchardDomain type public (link)
  • [ZIP 224] Orchard Shielded Protocol
    • Merkle hash chip (link)
    • Orchard commitment and nullifier integration & consensus rules (link)
    • Orchard note commitment tree digests (link)
    • Sinsemilla Hash gadget (link)
    • Add short range check to lookup_range_check util (link)
    • Introduce LookupRangeCheckConfigs for each Sinsemilla advice column (link)
    • Implement Orchard commitment tree logic (link)
  • [ZIP 225] Version 5 Transaction Format
    • Add Bundle<Authorized, _>::dynamic_usage method (link)
    • Include Orchard bundle in transaction dynamic usage (link)
    • Version 5 transaction consensus rules (link)


  • Shipped iOS update with autoshielding workflows
  • Shipped new Android (1.3.0-beta16) and iOS SDKs (0.12.0-alpha.6)
  • Delivered wireframes for the navigation of the new ECC Reference Wallet and UA screens
  • Updated Unstoppable Android app to the latest SDK, which paves the way for better t-addr support and autoshielding
  • Created LCWG project management github repo

In the news, coin prices are down, a new payments law in Ukraine considers CBDC similar to cash, the number of active bitcoin addresses are low, and watered down articles are catering to the crypto-curious middle aged.

Bon week-end!