December 3, 2021 - forum update

Hello Zcashers,

Happy Friday! It has been a minute since our last forum update. Our team has been busy wrapping up the end of the year.

Zcash updates

  • We welcomed Nick Takacs, our new Engineering Manager, to the team!
  • We’re hiring for multiple roles across the company. Take a look at our careers page for more info!
  • A new blog post outlines ECC’s 3-year roadmap for Zcash.
  • The initial results and takeaways of ECC’s research around Zcash Shielded Assets are now published.
  • Naomi Brockwell chatted with Zooko and Edge’s Paul Puey about shielded Zcash integration and more.
  • Zcash community member Zero tweeted about the Cypherpunks and why their values are more important than ever.


  • Published an Android wallet release
  • Misc. IT maintenance like renewing
  • Initial CI maintenance patch complete
  • Created/updated operator manuals for infrastructure components


  • Completed the Halo 2 security proof!!!
    • Working with Mary Maller for final review and sign-off
  • Updated the SHA-256 example gadget to work with the new APIs
  • Completed the remaining Multipoint Opening work
  • Created benchmarks for the Poseidon gadget for Protocol Labs and performed minor cleanup in support
  • Completed the prerequisites for adding UAs to the Zcashd wallet
  • Introduced the AssignedCell struct, which is an abstraction for assigned cells
  • Added Orchard Address, IncomingViewingKey, and FullViewingKey types.


  • Release Android SDK Beta19 and iOS SDK 0.12.0-beta.5 with new checkpoints
  • Secant iOS Wallet
    • Apple certification sorted (AGAIN)
    • Onboarding Screens (demo)
    • Navigation Structure
  • Secant Android Wallet
    • Onboarding & Recovery Phrase flow in progress
    • CI/CD deployment in place waiting for Prod Credentials
  • Icons FPO
    • What are we going to call this product?
  • UA Best Practices document
    • Design artifact to hand to developers and external teams
    • Blog article when finalized

In the news, Facebook reversed its long-standing crypto ad ban. Yearn developer Matt West is running for congress in Oregon on a pro-crypto platform. A leaked cabinet note out of India suggests that the country’s crypto assets will be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. On a lighter note, CoinDesk ranked the “top universities for blockchain” with National University of Singapore holding the top spot.