February 28, 2020 - Weekly Forum Update

Here are the latest updates from ECC:

  • ZIP 1014 was finalized earlier this week. Kudos to everyone involved!

  • February’s community Zeal call was earlier this week. We were joined by Stephanie Whited from Tor. Here is the slide deck and video recording. Our next Zeal Community Call will take place on Tuesday, March 31st at 1 pm EST. This will be a more technical call focusing ZecWallet and spotlighting the work of Least Authority. Learn more.

  • In case you missed it, Zcash Foundation posted a blog explaining how they used Tokio’s codec functionality to implement the Bitcoin wire protocol. Interesting stuff!

  • :rotating_light: Community Request :rotating_light: Zcash’s wikipedia page could use a bit of an update. I’ll be spending some time next week editing the content but I wanted to invite you all to contribute.

  • Dates to remember

Community Shout Outs This new section is to celebrate and highlight the contributions to Zcash made by folks outside of ECC and Foundation. Ping me if you have suggestions for next week.

Development Infrastructure Team

  • Completed cross platform builder support in production CI (e.g. Mac, Windows, ARM); full test suite support coming soon
  • Completed initial implementation of Loki for production log management
  • Completed Pushover integration to aid production infrastructure alert response/robustness
  • Dockerhub migration nearing completion (https://hub.docker.com/u/electriccoinco)
  • Completed initial Gitlab Android SDK CI Builder (authored by: @defuse; modified by: @mdr0id); iOS support coming soon
  • Completed first Scrumban sprint using new methodology intended to aid agile metrics
  • Continuing work on proof of concept Tekton features for dynamic CI/CD

Core Team

  • Viewing key implementation in review
    • Blocking on security analysis
  • Fix for the assertion bug introduced in 2.1.1
  • Published an update to Halo preprint
  • Pulled in several good community PRs from oxarbitrage (3) and rex4539 (1)

Security Team

  • Pantheon brute-force has hopefully been eliminated. Pantheon CDN cutover went great! Page rules now protect endpoints. Thanks to Tori, Ben, Taylor.

Wallet Team

  • Android zECC apps has a new release!
  • iOS app is catching up in functionality, working on seed phrase backup this sprint.
  • Working on designs for t-addrs
  • iOS SDK, Android SDK, and lightwalletd now has near-100% documentation coverage of publicly accessible calls in-line and is formatted to auto-generate documentation
  • Build instructions for the Android demo app, along with how to use the demo app: https://github.com/zcash/zcash-android-wallet-sdk/tree/master/samples/demo-app (iOS was last sprint)

This week in privacy has been pretty quiet. NPR did a story on the Trump administration’s campaign against warrant-proof encryption. Meanwhile, the EU commission is embracing encryption at least internally and telling staff to switch from Whatsapp to Signal. Westworld fans were recently alerted of Privacy Act of 2039, a fictional privacy law that hits a little too close to home.

In crypto news, Supersonic research got a nice write-up in Cointelegraph. The Eth community, privacy is a main part of their roadmap and they seem to be keen to find ways to collaborate with Zcash!. Coinbase wrote about the trials, tribulations and ultimately payoff to switching their mobile sign-up process to React Native. HT to @joshs and @aserrano for the links. Happy Friday y’all! :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks for the great work and shout out :slight_smile: