--fee 0 (no dev fee miners?)

Just readed in a local miner forum of my country that some zcash miners add this command to avoid the dev fee.

–fee 0

Maybe someone from the team wants to look into this issue in case it wasn’t mentioned allready.

Some mining software does support the use of a -fee or similar option to have no dev fee. This was placed into the software by the developers, so it isn’t some nefarious hack or something.

In most cases, using this will reduce your overall hashrate by equal to or slightly more than dev fee itself.

It can be an important option to have available while testing or if you don’t want to further enrich a developer that isn’t supporting the software any further.

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@boxalex With the EWBF miner this is an option, but with DSTM (zm), it doesn’t seem to be an option.

EWBF’s performance does drop when you remove the fee though. Some users have tried setting a very low fee like 0.001 which could work and is worth trying. There are also local MIM techniques to take the dev fee and sent it to yourself as a new worker instead of those shares doing to the miner developer. I’ve tried the Mim, successfully, but found that the process slowed down mining overall and my system became less profitable as a result (decided not to use it). DSTM uses ssl and thus the mim technique won’t work.

The fees for miners do add up generally though:

  • 1%+ pool fee (higher with inaccurate reporting of shares)
  • 2% miner program fee
  • 1-2% fee for using a specialized mining OS
  • Nicehash takes 1-3%

Add these up and users are losing ~10% of their profit just to get going.