Hashrate on zcash.flypool

Hello all,
I have a question about harsrate on zcash.flypool.
I have 4k1 sol/s on flypool and I dont know this result calculate before or after dev fee + pool fee ?
I’m testing EWBF and ZM tool. I’ll compare on flypool and find best tool.

The work done that you see on the website is after the Dev fee from your miner. The number you see on the website is typically before the pool fee, which you will see once you go to withdraw the amount you want, and will have a fee based on the withdrawn amount.

Hashrate of your wallet on flypool is the hashrate without dev fee.

According to stratum mining protocol, EWBF and ZM will submit the result to flypool with the mining.submit method, and this method contains a field names Worker Name, pool will use this field to identity which worker submit the result.

So the dev fee is the author submit some shares to their own wallet.

EWBF can disable dev fee from command line, just pass --fee 0 to miner.

And today someone uploads a dstm miner without dev fee on bitcointalk, it works for me, but not fully tested.

Hope this help, and sorry for my bad english.

I think the graphs we see have already deducted the pool fee. I say that as see this spike to 0.07 that happened after the last outage fly pool had( issue with EU servers, so FP agreed no fees would be taken for 24 hours as an apology).

After 16h test EWBF & ZM at the same time.
EWBF run with 1060 6g x1 + 1060 3g x2 + 1050 2g x2 (not use --fee 0)
ZM run with 1060 3g x3 + 1050 2g x2
I get hashrate from pool every 2mins and calculate average.
EWBF 1148 sol/s
ZM 1056 sol/s
I think EWBF better ZM.
I’ll check again on today :slight_smile:

Į think your testing methodology is a bit flawed. You should run ewbf then dstm on the same rig and then compare the results. Now it’s comparing oranges to apples.


You’re right.
Tested miner on 1 card is enough.