About dev fees and how to remove them

I know people are saying that if you don’t agree with the optiminer fee you should not use it, but I feel that this is just a way to motivate themselves for using a closed source miner. In my vision, the 10% dev fee is far too much. For example, if I buy 10 gpus, I have paid the money for one gpu for optiminer, installed it in my rig, and keep pumping electricity in it because “this way all miners have the opportunity to use it”. Well, I made a small application that removes this fee and I tried to sell it to people on this forum without making it public. Doing so, I found out that the ones who are the most verbal in protecting the dev fee already have an application like this and it seems to have circulated for some time. Moreover, I learned that there are other miner softwares, faster than silentarmy, probably faster even than optiminer, which are being “tested” by people with many rigs. So my question is how is it correct to pay the hardware for somebody else and keep paying electricity for that hardware, because people are saying this is the ethical thing to do, while themselves have already removed the dev fee? Well the dev fee is for the masshow and it masks it’s real cost, which I consider too high.
So I have decided to sell my dev removal application to everyone. The application redirects the mining fee to your default address. Using the link below,you can download a Linux binary compiled on ubuntu 14 (works with 16 too). This is for the license check. The price is a one-time fee of 0.2 BTC. I can setup a temporary license for testing.

download link:

The application is suitable for large farms, as one instance can remove the fee for as many rigs as you want (you just have to connect the clients to the same ip address).

Pm me if you’re interested in a license.

you stole other’s property and try to sell it, Mr theft.

He is not. He implemented man-in-the-middle attack on comminication channel between miner and stratum server using local proxy.
However I also think it is very dump to buy this thing.

On the other hand, if someone willing to buy this stuff, send me pm and i provide you open source style solution and explanation of how/why it works for the same price or less.
However you probably will feel bad for paing any money for such simple ‘hack’.

yes, its a dumb thing todo. this is stealing


Legally it is not.
It is not even violation of license conditions for miner software.

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so everybody has the solution and everybody thinks that the dev fees are either a full rip-off or too high … yet you are asking for price to get rid of the dev fee!!!

if i had such knowledge i would just share it without saying dev’s are so and so and we should not pay them !!!

@niko if you know how to do it … then put it out there!!! why the pm?

Nobody would give it for free, because everybody wants to make some money out of their knowledge

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Are you dumb or joking?

It is like vacination.
It is ok to not vacinate yourself.
But totally not ok to take actions which leads to not vacinated general populace.

So it is good (morality excluded) to remove devfee for yourseld (you have more profits).
But it is totally not good to make this solution public (you do not have more profits and developers stops creating new miners).


first of all its spelled dumb … which is very inappropriate to say (in case you did not know that)

second … devs will always figure a way to make things … thats why they are called devs (they develop) …

third … please do not address me again if you can not use proper language …

thank you


I would put it out there and add my t-addr for donations !

well, legally an old man fall i wouldn’t need to help him. but our sociaty is based on more than just legit.

anyhow, niko. manga aye?

i left you a msg on twitter, next time you need some raiser you should let me know, i can send you for free, i got alot stock in my farm.


People don’t actually donate, only a very small percentage do sent money to developers and the sum is well below what the devs expect. This is why they are charging a fee for the time you are using their software. This also happens in other domains where software is involved, it’s called SAAS (software as a service)

That’s understandable and I personally have no problems with it … its all supply and demand at the end of the day.

Thanks for spell cheking.
Drinking beer here, don’t care about mistakes or proper spelling.

Social justice is a cancer of society.
Although I would definitely help elderly person, if someone says that I must do that I punch him.

As for ‘manga aye’, no niko is just abbreviation unrelated to japanese culture.

Optiminer author removed his app from public because of such programs. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

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You do not have to like it. There are alternatives: Write your own, use an open source miner. You have paid for the GPUs. Why do you expect to not pay for the miner?

You do not have to be surprised that there are private version of miners around. Your post explains exactly why: Selling a miner privately is much less risky to end up with nothing. Releasing it public means people will try to deprive the devs from their income. So, your action just makes public miners less available and private ones will be sold at a higher price… I prefer spending time on programming than selling, that’s why I was looking for a way to make the miner available to everyone.

Personally, I prefer working on optimizing the hash kernel instead of deploying counter measures against circumventing the dev fee. People like you make me spend more time on the latter :frowning:

Hacking the software for yourself is one thing. Selling it is just brazen. You did not do any contribution to the mining.


IMO programs is unrelated (at least nobody asked me for one).
Seems author just sold his next miner to big guys. No problem, he is in his rights.
I already migrated rigs to win since optiminer could not compete with claymore.

And in his topic he just said ‘PM me if you have a large mining farm’.
Yep, just sold software to highest bidder.

He probably sold to private farms before this devfee talk. I’m sure most miner developers keep the latest improvements for private selling. Optiminer’s devfee address has a hashrate of 173.0 KH/s, so I think he’s pleased with his current earnings and not releasing to the public, only makes it easier by not having to deal with user complaints, etc.
edit: OP’s solution works. dev fee is showing up as the default worker

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