Feedback on the Zcash community spotlight

About a month ago, we asked the community for feedback on a Zcash application via a blog post: We didn’t get much feedback (3 responses total), and would like your feedback on how we can improve the spotlight and/or increase community engagement.

Our own post-mortem analysis:

  • The application was only available on one mobile OS, Android. We should highlight applications that support all OSes so that people who do want to participate, can.
  • The spotlight required community members to download and use the application, which is a bit of work. We should either 1) have easier tasks (like surveys) or 2) pay people for their time.
  • Many people may not have known about it, unless they were subscribed to our newsletter or checked the blog post.

Please feel free to add to the discussion, confirm, or let us know what you think.

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I actually missed the link to participate in that survey so maybe it simply wasn’t clear to someone skim reading the article there was an action contained within? Perhaps this could have been mentioned in the opening statements? Also, a cross-post in the forums (maybe there was one?) wouldn’t hurt specific to the call to action e.g. feedback for Guarda wallet wanted!

I was curious enough to try the app that I found an old Android device to run it on but while I appreciate where they want to go with this app (with regards to shielded txs) it’s basically just like every other Bitcoin app available as it only deals with t-addrs so I imagine most people simply don’t have much motivation to either download or give specific feedback. When an app supports z-addrs I think motivations will be different.

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Yes it appears to be pretty straightforward, easy to navigate and understand, I haven’t transacted with it yet though