Future of Z-cash

How does the future of Z-cash look like?

I’m still mining towards and using kraken as a wallet. Haven really bothered to figure out a different way as its been paying out generously to sell the ZEC directly on the market.

But now I’m starting to consider if I should start to save the ZECs for better days and maybe even buy some.

And this is where I really starting to wonder, WHY is there no official Z-cash wallet?? How can this not be something that the Z-cash community didnt build even before they launched z-cash??

How will z-cash ever get big if there isnt even a basic, safe and functioning wallet for people to store their ZEC in? Of course that wallet needs to handle Z-cash special feature, anonymous transactions. And it must be easy to install and be available on eighter windows or android so that even my mother could use it without me having to teach her how to set it up.

Some people seem to think its still in the early stages of Z-cash. Its not! More than 1/100th of the total money supply has already been mined! Z-cash has been hyped but that hype is dying out. Its really getting about time to show people (like me) some progress if you want us to invest in ZEC.

You might think I’m a stupid whiner who should contribute more myself. Well frankly I’m not a developer and I’m not cashing in 20% of whats being mined. My contribution to the community is some hardware and promotion of Z-cash by telling people about it and offering people to buy some stuff online by paying with zcash. if I dont start to see any progress coming months I’ll probably desert my believes in z-cash sell whatever I stored up by then if it still contains any value.

This is my honest opinion. Please let me know that I’ve got it all wrong. In todays crazy society we need something like z-cash.


Excellent post, dude! The value of Zcash is going down continously. There´s still no possibility to use z-adress - the only feature that really differs from other coins and makes zcash valuable. So I agree with H_Bozz: if there´s no progress in the next weeks or month I will stop to invest in Zcash.

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You can use z-addresses in the SwingUI Wallet, and if you’re on a Mac you don’t even need to touch the command line to run the full node that it requires or manually install Java. We’ve bundled all that with GUI tools that download the proving key, make a config, etc, in zcash4mac, at: https://zcash4mac.com.

I don’t know how far along the official ZcashCo port to windows is, I know that they have at least now started on it, but do not know how high of an internal priority it is. I’m just reading the tea leaves in github commit messages and comments: there was one that was something like “make this small change for ease of building with VisualStudio to make <employee who’s name I forget>'s life easier”.

I’ve also been working on a port to Windows, but nobody has kicked in any serious funding or donations for that effort, so its taken a back burner the last month. As soon as zcash itself builds on Windows, whether I get that port done first or ZcashCo does, @zab and I are going to make a Windows app that bundles it with the SwingUI Wallet, too.

If you want to help make that a reality, donation addresses are on my website at https://zcash.mercerweiss.com (I don’t have a “day job”, so I work on whatever parts of the Zcash ecosystem people are willing to fund, which so far hasn’t been a Windows port. Mac, yes, arm64, yes).

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Patience is a vertu that not many have this coins in not even 3 month old …if you cant afford it you should have tough about it…

Give it a few years like a good wine!!

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I think 2 months is more than patience enough waiting for a alpha release of a windows wallet or at least some words about it being worked hard on. I dont see any reason why Z-cash shouldnt deliver from start! Cryptocurrency isnt something new.

Like I said, I will wait a few more months. But the lack of very basic but essential softwares and the lack of answers about them is definitly stopping me from putting any “real” money into Z-cash for now.

I don’t blame you for waiting to invest in zec, but ZcashCo were very upfront about their priorities, funding level, and what they’d be able to get done before launching. They always publicly indicated that they were going to focus on the linux reference platform, and that they didn’t have the resources to get a gui wallet in play before launch. They were (rightfully, in my opinion) more focused on the core zkSNARK technology, and maintaining a stable network.

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Monero did big things with linux wallet only :slight_smile: But I agree Windows wallet is necessary.