Finally getting some coverage, and doesn't look good for Polo...Polo exit scam?

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I know you lurk the forum, JP. It's Zcash, not ZCash.. Do you spell Bitcoin, BitCoin? Come-on, you're one of the last "writers" doing this.

I can't imagine this being an exit scam, wouldn't they try to lock in more coins? like disabling other currency's withdrawals. they probably have some issues up-scaling due to recent increased popularity of crypto. not all of the exchangers are coping with it very well.

I think an actual exit scam is a bit far fetched. Good this gets some coverage tho. Might stimulate Polo to share some info about this.

The exit talk amounts to nothing, even if I and others wish these clowns would pack up and call it a day for good along with coinbase and that trash they call an exchange:

Again, anyone really think with the amount they make in commissions alone that'd they'd want out when cryptos are just getting started and still haven't passed the threshold of mass adoption


agree, believe they're just highly incompetent, and possibly malicious

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Ha ha. Burn. I used to write for a website but at least I knew that it is Zcash not ZCash.

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