Alphabay, ZEC, and Poloniex connection?

July 1st, ZEC goes live on Alphabay. Feds freak out that they can no longer simply unravel mixing coins like Monero and decide to shut it down on the 5th? Then they tell polo to freeze ZEC wallets on the 5th or 6th?


Seem that Polo is having some problem.

[POLONIEX POSSIBLE INSOLVENCY ALERT] My Poloniex account was “hacked” a month ago. They are holding my $70,000 and won’t answer ANY support requests.

Ugh, “insolvency” because a single wallet is frozen? What about all the bitcoin, ETH etc that they’re transacting?

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These are the few problem people are facing with Polo. Me myself lost more than 5k syscoin to them simply because Polo changed my deposit address when deposit are made.

I might be very lucky but I never had problems with Polo except problems that affect everyone at the same time (DDoS, wallet maintenances.

I also have the belief that if polo goes down, cryptos will go down with it and all there will be left is a few coins that will be worth no more than a dollar. The recovery will be difficult and it will take more than a year. So, that being said, I believe the dollar and world economy crisis will come before polo goes insolvent or makes a scam escape.

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I think this theory should be strongly considered, but one thing that makes me doubt this theory is that ZEC trading has not been halted. So the ZEC wallets are not completely frozen. You can’t deposit or withdraw, but you can buy and sell. If law enforcement wanted a complete freeze, perhaps they would have asked for trading to be halted too.


How about we stop ignoring the fact that Polo is the only exchange who is doing this. The issue is exclusive to Polo. If we’re going to spin conspiracy theories, at least look at the facts.

While I can’t say none of these things are connected, it’s glaringly obvious to anyone who’s paying attention that it’s highly unlikely simply due to the fact that ZEC is working just fine on all other exchanges.