First Rig,what GPU should i get?

nvidia gpu price / performance chart here

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Hmm not sure what cuckoo cycle coins is… will check out.

1060 3 gb = 300 sol/s price = 2500SEK (260 dollar)
1070 8 gb = 473 sol/s price = 5000 SEK (520 dollar)

What i can find out the 1060 3gb will make me reach my ROI way quicker than 1070… and i can also instead of going for 6gpu rigg i can build myself a 8 GPU rigg…
Should find out some more info about the power watt… if 1060 will lose money in power consume

Maybe you can use this link to check mining hashing power for each card. Note there are some settings already applied. (mem clock, core clock, power limit) . I prefer GTX 1070, but i advise you should look cost to benefit ratio. Currently, NVIDIA cards, are most profitable, but that can change easily tomorrow. The best is to mine the coin you believe in. I believe in ZCASH!


I read online that æternity will be implementing a PoW based on Cuckoo Cycle… can you “estimate” if Volta will have any advantage on Pascal in any sort? Are CUDA cores less relevant with Cuckoo Algo?

Where are you getting your 1060’s? I need at least 60 of them :frowning:

No, I cannot estimate anything. The code is out there, and so is a tuning guide, so people will just have to try tuning different cards and report results…

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