Need Advice: Mining Hardware for nVidia Rig

hi guys,

i plan to make a zcash mining rig with nVidia Cards. can someone tell me which motherboard, poweradapter and cpu is recommended for this usage? i think i will make a 4 or a 6card rig, depends on costs beside the cards.

thanks for your help

I would suggest AMD cards over Nvidia just based on hash verses price. Here is a link that might help you with an informed decision.

The rest is my opinion and how (with the help of a friend) my rig is built.

128gb SSD HD
4gb ram ( I have 8gb since run a VB for Linux for Zwallet)
you truly only need a 2 core processor - if you go more its because you wanted to spend more $$$$
O/S either Win10 64b or Linux (you currently need Linux if you want a zwallet)
Mobo - depends on how many cards you want to run, if 4, then will work as long as they have as many pci slots has cards. Now 6 or 7 or 8 cards then you want something high end like the z97 or equivalent.

PSU, find the card you want, then how many you are going to run, then find the watts needed to run each card then multiply that by 1.75 then add 225 for mobo, HD and risers, fans.

The x1.75 is so that you find the sweet spot in your PSU and to avoid spikes and over heating. There are tons of posting about the PSU sweet spots, and if it matters. Again my opinion it does matter.

hope it helps, good luck

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thanks alot, very informative and helpful answer. i didnt know that a 8card nVidia rig is possible. usually most of all rigs are with 6 cards. i tought the reason therefore is, that 8 cards dont run stable - ist this true?

if 8 card rigs working fine, can you recommend me a the mobo model/type/brand which is running with 8 nVidia cards?

i will use nVidia cause i got a couple of them second hand for a good price. different models, but that shouldnt be a problem, right?

PSU, Mainboard, CPU and GPUs. Did i miss something?

what OS u reccomend? windows should be better for nVidia cause of the drivers, right?

thanks in advance

Mine is a 7 AMD card rig with win 10 64b and mine is stable.

The 8th card comes from the m.2 slot with an adapter. I do not have this, I have not seen when, I have read that it is possible. I am 99% sure the Z97 will run 8, since it has the m.2 slot

I found that most rigs are 6 cards because of ease to build and costs, especially cost. 7 cards takes a little config, but once you figure it out, each new rig is easier to build.

I might do 8 when the new amd cards are released in a few months.

I know I am going to do a 4 card Vega and Ryzen cpu when both are released as my personal cpu and mine when idle

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well, as this is my first rig build my myself i think 6 mobo mainboard is the best choice for me. so all i need is a mobo with 6 “PCI-e 16x” slots, correct? can you reccomend me a price worth and good mobo for my use?

Many people use the Asrock H81 BTC pro R2.0 (I have 2 myself)… has 6 pci-e slots, and as the name implies it was made for mining in mind. It’s pretty inexpensive if you live in the US. It uses socket LGA1150, I bought a cheap Pentium G3258 for $60.

As for PSU, depending on availability and where you live, the EVGA G2 series is highly regarded (I have one myself)… if you want to run 4-6 GPU’s, the most high powered one available is 1600 watts for the G2 series. I have 4x R9 Fury’s… roughly 320 watts each… plus the mobo and cpu, 1600 watts should be very comfortable for that load(for my setup at least… though if I added more cards the PSU would be too stressed perhaps…), generally estimating… do your own research, make your own decisions, but just passing a long the info.

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I tried the m.2 extension and it didnt work for me when I tried it on msi z97 gaming 5, the 1-3 adapter worked but the OS would only use 7 cards. I have heard you need to use windows 10 enterprise to maybe get 8 cards working, but I have not had the time to try that yet.

I read a thread about someone wanting to try with 8 cards using that - but he has yet to actually try LOL

I have not read about anyone using it and getting it to work… though I suppose it can work somehow

someone also told me that 7 Nvidia cards wouldnt work for them

Im curious to try myself, considering getting some 1070s
also want to try vega when it comes out

when is ryzen and boards coming out for sale?
i notice hte biostar board has 7 pcie slots? how many pcie lanes does the chipset have?

I have recently built a x6 GTX1070 rig and it is mining at roughly 2700-2800 sol/s. That is with GPUs overclocked. Out of the box you can expect ~2450 sol/s. For anyone interested, i could build one for you for $3300, shipped. Continental US only.

I’ll provide some help and instructions to get it up and running on windows. You will have manufacturer’s warranty on components.

Ryzen, from various articles, will be released in the 1q, some say during the gaming expo, with is 02/28 - 03/02

Though it seems Vega might be coming with it since Radeon Pro prices just dropped 15% to 45% today!

price drop

anyone running those mining? I have not read any posts if someone is.

As for Nvidia, I’ve read several postings were the o/s will only see 6 cards…

back to setting up sticks…

i dont think ive read any posts about anyone actually mining with them, but people said it would do what 2 furyx do so…

what watts does that pull? and what PSU do you use? Thanks

I’m using EVGA power supplies, 2 per rig. Typically 750W. I have a system
with 3 cards powered up at the moment. My APC reports 600W.

for the radeon pro it says:

System Requirements
Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 750W
XFX Recommended Power Supply: XFX 850W PSU
Power Connector
3 x 8-Pin

and that’s PER card!

I am already running a 1600 and a 1300 on my rig now, sigh

Though a set of 7 of these in one rig should run 6500 to 8000 SOL’s
and since they are all liquid cooled, heat output is not a big issue.

so about 1200 for 6 cards, a 1300W would cover it all, 1600W way more than enough?

can someone tell me if i can use this adapter for my mainboard with a gtc 1070 or will it lose speed in mining?

Currently working on 8x 1070 rig - testing with both the MSI Z97 and Asrock H81 2.0. I’ll do a write-up sometime this week after I’m finished.

So how is this build coming?