Need suggestions for mining setup. See situation

Hello all. This is my first post here. I just started getting into mining.

I currently have a handfull of computers CPU mining and its working out ok. I see lots of posts about GPU mining rigs with 6 cards etc… but I would rather get 1-2 cards for each desktop I have lying around and just run individual machines with GPUs instead of a racked rig. Power isn’t a concern and my space is an air conditioned 20 x 20 server room.

What GPUs should i be looking for used/new that I can find in the $100-200 range for a good hash rate?

Forgot to mention the towers I have available are HP PRO MT 3000s. and slim acer veriton i7 desktops.

For pure Zcash hashing, Nvidia seems to come out better, but if you plan on mining ethereum or other coins you need to take those priorities into account. Pure ethereum people seem to prefer Radeon.

You have to do the math, though. Make a spreadsheet, work out your costs and model the cards based on your priorities.

For me, I modeled the Nvidia 1060, 1070, 1080 and Radeon RX 460, 470 and 480.

Also, be advised, the 1080 Ti just came out, the 1080 is dropping in price, the 1070 and 1060 probably will too. The Radeon Vega cards should be coming out in the next 3 months or so, so if there’s no hurry you might want to wait a couple months.

It’s hard to go wrong mining Zcash with AMD Nano’s. Best hash rate for power you can get right now.

Thanks for the reply. That’s about what I was thinking based off of some of the research I’ve done. Amd is what I think I’ll go with.

I have a handful of mobos around with i3 or i7s in them and 8gb of ram. I was going to put together a one or two card rig and test miners/tweak settings flash bioses and get it right before I go and buy 6 cards and a big psu and mobo.

Good thing is I have quite a few processors and ram sticks around so my costs would be 6 pcie boards and vid cards.

that’s how I started also. It takes away the uncertainty of risers to plug them directly in the boards, and I still have 4 machines like that. Actually, in those machines I use the AMD Fury with the water cooled system. I think it has the highest S/s of any of my cards, at 460.

What’s the stock hash rate for nanos?

The Nano’s do 400 at stock.

they also use about half the power. So it is important as to your electricity price.

How do they compare to rx 480s in price/performance? Sorry I’d look this up but I’m sitting at a red light on my way home from work :smile:

Oh and power isn’t really a factor, our lease includes electric.

gtx 970 is a great card for mining zcash i get around 280 sol/s with 1 card and its only 200$

np, I see about 300 from the RX480.

Probably the last question. For RX 480s. 4GB or 8GB? is there a big difference? Can’t find anything specific to zcash. only ETH.

No significant difference, the 8gb is better if you do with, just by a bit.

Oops, sorry wrong person, doing this on my phone

[quote=“sniperpro, post:16, topic:14602”]
No significant difference, the 8gb is better if you do with, just by a bit. Also I am pretty sure that the 8 uses a different type of memory(better).

If you get a card with micron memory then return it immediately, it can not OC to get you that extra performance.

Also the 1070 is the best solutions per watt, and the 1050ti right up behind. DO NOT USE GPUS WITH GDDR5X they are much slower

Those are my two cents

These are what I’m looking at now. I would go with Nvidia but id like the option to mine different coin.

The top 2 are priced (and with rebates) pretty good. and with the price difference I can almost purchase a 4th or 5th card.

if I go with the bottom 2, I’m limited to 3.

I meant top 3 20 charactersssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss