First z_sendmany looks to have failed

hello Zeds

I have made a z_sendmany transaction on my node between two wallet z_addresses and the balances of both are zero though the amount sent was less than the whole balance.
the z_getoperationresult came through and showed a fee even though I didn’t set -sendtxfee (default 0, which is odd).

despite the hint of an included fee I’m guessing this is not being mined because there was no fee offered.

can someone say what will happen to my transaction and in particular whether my balance will be restored?!

what wallet are you using? If you’re running on linux you might try:

zcash-cli z_getoperationresult

That might help you figure out what state the transaction is in.


it only runs on linux, no?
the wallet is the internal berkeley db one.

as per my OP, I did use z_getoperationresult !
it eventually came back with a successful status.
I ran it again later and the result was gone.