(v1.0.2) z_sendmany confirmed transaction but ZEC never arrived

Sent my other computer “$FRIEND” a small amount, confirmed the transaction, however never received. Local balance depleted, and listtransactions does not show it ever happening. z_getoperationresult is now blank. Any ideas? v1.0.2

./src/zcash-cli z_sendmany “$TADDR” “[{"amount": 0.00215029, "address": "$FRIEND"}]”

Is your $FRIEND account on another computer? Is it fully syncronised (up-to-date) with the current blockchain?

Make sure there is enough to send. Try a lower amount. You need to pay for the transaction fee as well.

Yes, I left .0001 for transaction fee which left the balance of wallet assets to 0. It was a T->Z transaction. The target computer was synced to zcash v1.0.2 for two hours before transaction, and 3 hours after still nothing. Appreciate the reply(s)

what command are you using to check that its arrived or not?

You need to use zcash-cli z_getbalance "address" where address is the zaddr in your wallet

that worked, and the balance is there. should I use ./src/zcashd --reindex to fix?

No, it only shows up there because it is in a shielded transaction!

For an amount in a taddr, anyone on the blockchain can see how much unspent balance it has, just like with bitcoin, and if your node with the private key for it in the wallet had trouble, a reindex may be needed. But for balances in a zaddr, the only way to tell the balance is to have the private key and use z_getbalance. If that is showing the correct amount, no need to reindex, its working as designed.

Thank you very much, you made my week.