Mining ZEC to Ledger Nano S

I pointed one of my miners to the Ledger Nano S Wallet. After getting a few confirmed transaction When I send a transaction out I confirm it and then it just fails. Mining from Flypool and the transactions on ledger nano s are from coinbase it says. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I would like to know also. I have the same issue, and even made a video of the problem on youtube.

I've heard issues of the fees not being calculated correctly - I know Zeropond had an issue sending their first December payout. Maybe this is the issue here too due to the potential size of the resulting transaction from a load of tiny inputs? Is there an option to upp the fee?

it would make sense since the (cold) address should be the Z one t addre are transaction one not holding one since z has issue with most pool well it has raise the Kb data in the T itself

Upping the fee yielded the same error results.

What's the video link @thehellbender

That's strange. The coinbase part of this is what doesn't make sense - when sending from a coinbase transaction it must be sent to a zaddress and must consume the entire amount of the coinbase transaction so maybe that's what causing the error. In this case though it isn't from a coinbase transaction as it was sent from Flypool but maybe it's just being identified incorrectly by Ledger?

You could perhaps try sending the entire amount to a zaddress you control if that is feasible to test.

Thank you for your time, unfortunately I am not sure how to send to a zaddress, still somewhat new to ZCash. Is there a wallet that supports both, JAXX? Sorry for the noob questions.

No problem, unfortunately JAXX doesn't support zaddresses. Either way it looks like a bug and I'd probably wait to hear from Ledger.

For sure, thanks. Still waiting for Ledger to respond. But if you or anyone else have a Z address to send to, I will be happy to do so. If it works keep the zcash, I am just curious if it works at all.

Ledger CTO here. We're aware of an issue when dealing with inputs coming from a private address, but not exactly sure what it is. We'll investigate during the coming days.


Tx sent from a z address show up in the Ledger Wallet as "Coinbase" transactions. I guess this is because the wallet is unable to identify the sending address (as that is not possible when sending from a z address).

Flypool only can send to a t-address, and even stated it on their site not to use receiving z-address. Your post make sense if flypool where to sent those Tx via z-address, but that's doesn't seem to be the case here. Currently I am mining to jaxx (t-address) and able to transfer out to a secondary Ledger zec wallet.

All payment tx from flypool are sent from a z address.

so dont mine to ledger from flypool? guess it is good I waited instead of changing over right away, i hope this can be fixed.

The issue has been identified as a wrong parsing of UTXOs containing joinsplits. It has been fixed internally, will be tested by the EU team in a few hours then published.


Perfect, thanks for the quick action!

cool so it will be a firmware upgrade again?
thanks for fixing that asap :slight_smile:

I have a one questions in regards to Nano S / Blue from my viewers and friends.

Do you plan to have Monero support in the future? Do you have plans to integrate any other coins?

someone asked me if you would support any of these coins: XRP, SNGLS, ANS, ICN, GNT

and they said:

t would be wonderful if ICO’s would support the Nano S for cold storage. (Maybe suggest to Ledger to provide incentives and use the ICO as a marketing tool e.g., They could sell a bunch of Nano’s if they helped support ICO coin storage instead of spreading your assets all over the place).


cool so it will be a firmware upgrade again?

no it'll be a simple application update for the ZCash application from the Manager - no restore process to go through

Do you plan to have Monero support in the future?

yes, no strict ETA though

Do you have plans to integrate any other coins?

yes, pretty much based on market demand

someone asked me if you would support any of these coins: XRP, SNGLS, ANS, ICN, GNT

XRP : we've been discussing it, mostly for our HSM offer and enterprises, I'm not familiar with XRP trading

SNGLS, ICN, (GNT likely) : already done through the generic ERC-20 support of MyEtherWallet

ANS : I'm not sure what they're based on - if it's just standard Bitcoin multisignature then it's already supported but I'm not sure which wallet would display it in a meaningful way then

would be wonderful if ICO's would support the Nano S for cold storage

we've been talking to some of them to think about providing easy support and branding for an Ethereum multisignature contract supporting tokens and a Bitcoin multisignature scheme, so something will likely happen in that space.

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